Thick Leek and Potato Soup

I’m a huge soup fan.  I think it’s a great way to be healthy whilst also feeling like your getting something super luxurious and treat like.  Thick warming soups in winter are akin to a snugly duvet for the soul.  Wrapping you in warmth and comfort and they make the house smell amazing too!


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Kids Jobs List

As mums, I think we can all relate to there not being enough time in the day, to the stresses of running round like a blue bottomed fly. We’ve all, at some point, dreamt of having our own, Gru style, army of minions at our disposal.

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Chocolate Flap Jacks

I LOVE chocolate and I love flap jacks so when faced with the issue of what to bake for orchestra club I went with the obvious choice CHOCOLATE FLAPJACKS!!!


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10 Ways to Use Dried Lavender

Here’s the ultimate guide in the best ways to use dried lavender.  It details various crafts relating to the aromatic lavender and how to make the most amazing DIY gifts.  Perfect for teachers, neighbours, packing out a DIY hamper or just treating yourself.  If you’ve got heap loads of this herb growing in your garden but you’ve never dried your own  lavender then be sure to check out my post How To Dry Lavender.


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Winner Street Paignton: My Top 5 Favourite Things!

Half term is over and dare I say it……… Yes I survived.  It was only a week so not the hard slog of the School Summer Holidays but at this time of year it’s always tricky keeping the monsters entertained.  Funds are tight with Christmas on the way and the weather is never guaranteed.



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The Giants Causeway Northern Ireland

Following on from the excitement of our visit to the Titanic Museum Belfast and the adventurous journey to Ireland where we almost missed the ferry, we honestly didn’t know what to expect next from our Northern Ireland trip.  So far Ireland had been an experience of extremes.  A true roller coaster of a ride.



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The Titanic Museum Belfast

After the adventurous journey into Ireland and the exhaustion of a night crossing on the ferry I was dreading our 90 minute drive to our accommodation in Ballycastle.  How wrong I was.  Following a delicious breakfast courtesy of The Harbour Cafe we set off on our journey into unexplored (by us!) Ireland.  The car photos don’t do the landscape justice.  As we left the sights of Harland and Wolfe my tension melted away as the city withdrew behind us.



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Northern Ireland: The Journey

So the day has finally arrived.  Packing day.  We booked this holiday over 12 months ago, I’ve had that long to prepare and yet I feel totally un-prepared for the task before me.


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Fox Dungarees Hot Off The Hook #2

This week on HOTH it’s all about dungarees!  If you missed it don’t forget to check out my last hot of the hook instalment.  I love dungarees on babies.  Its my all time favourite outfit.  They always look so scrummy and comfortable in them.  Dungarees are also super versatile  as you can put various tops underneath to achieve a different “look” and when your toddler is ….. well ……toddling there are no issues of trousers falling down.  They’re the ultimate crawling/climbing ensemble both cute and practical!




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DISASTER……of double cake proportions


………..When the heffer within strikes no food is safe (background explosion).  When the greed in you surfaces and all cake becomes victim to your appetite (imagine a bake well tart screaming)………When you just have a few days where you think  F**k it.  Then you’ve had a DISASTER



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