New Year, New Tea

In my last post I mused about the familiar Facebook posts of “new year, new me” and my strong opinions on the subject.  I voiced concern over the pressures of modern society and went so far as to admit that I’m fat.  We ended with my need for tea and that’s where I’m starting today.


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The Dark Hedges The Kings Road

Our final day in Ireland has arrived.  Mum and dad have been dropped to the airport and we’ve had our first bit of rain.  I’m ready to go home but as a huge Game of Thrones fan in Ireland it just feels wrong to go home without visiting at least one of the film sites.  With the weather clearly against us we decided on The Kings Road or as it’s actually called, The Dark Hedges.


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The Giants Causeway Northern Ireland

Following on from the excitement of our visit to the Titanic Museum Belfast and the adventurous journey to Ireland where we almost missed the ferry, we honestly didn’t know what to expect next from our Northern Ireland trip.  So far Ireland had been an experience of extremes.  A true roller coaster of a ride.



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The Titanic Museum Belfast

After the adventurous journey into Ireland and the exhaustion of a night crossing on the ferry I was dreading our 90 minute drive to our accommodation in Ballycastle.  How wrong I was.  Following a delicious breakfast courtesy of The Harbour Cafe we set off on our journey into unexplored (by us!) Ireland.  The car photos don’t do the landscape justice.  As we left the sights of Harland and Wolfe my tension melted away as the city withdrew behind us.



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LEGO: murderer of washing machines

As a mum of 2 boys under 10 I’m very familiar with LEGO.  The clatter of the LEGO man up my hoover pipe is the symphony to my weekly clean.  There’s not a place within our house that I haven’t found a piece.  Whether it’s the bathroom or the stairs, a pocket or tumbling from my work bag during a staff meeting, it’s uses are endless and though small it should never be underestimated.


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The Elusive Full Nights Sleep

Like many parents out there I really struggle with some of the unavoidable problems parents face.  The leaking bottle in the changing bag (yes I pre-made my bottles and no my baby didn’t grow an extra head as a result), sick down your back, a poo-nami (I can’t remember which blog this phrase came from but I’ve stolen it I’m sorry!) and the ever favourite weeing all over mummies knee mid nappy change.  This becomes even more infuriating and stressful when you have minimal sleep thrown into the mix.


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Magisterium – The Copper Gauntlet

a-letterbox-stuffed-with-first-and-second-class-lettersSo today I heard the familiar sound of the postman popping something in our porch.  This immediately tells me this is not a bill drill.

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Dermatique – For the Sensitive

I’ve never really considered myself the sensitive sort but I’ve been having a right good clear out this week and with it a blumming good clean.  There’s nothing more cathartic than chucking loads of stuff out and giving everywhere a good scrub so that the smell of citrus is thick in the air.  With this anti-hoarding movement comes dry and itchy skin.

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Early to Bed – Magisterium #1

If you read my first post book addict with a sleep problem.  You’ll know sleep hasn’t been coming easy to me recently.  This has led to serious increase in caffeine as well as sugary food and overall sluggishness. In fact to say that I look and feel like a slug in a sleeping bag most days is not an exaggeration.

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The Perfect End to a Busy Day

It’s all go in Torbay at the moment with the summer holidays upon us and now carnival week has started.  For some this will be a nightmare.  Commuters will be cursing the dreaded grottle who have travelled here in their masses (that’s holiday makers to anyone not living in the seaside zone).


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