Cup of Ginger Bread Love

Today the weather was hideous.  Luckily I’m currently in the cycle of organised mum.  This “organise mum status” will soon change to distraught and irate mum as I burn out, decide I don’t give a crap, relax about the house, rest and then slowly work myself back into being uber organised mum again before I burn out……..again.


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Celebrate Celeriac – Soup

Another banging soup recipe here.  This one originates from River Cottage and, as always. it does not disappoint.

fb soup.jpg

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Thick Leek and Potato Soup

I’m a huge soup fan.  I think it’s a great way to be healthy whilst also feeling like your getting something super luxurious and treat like.  Thick warming soups in winter are akin to a snugly duvet for the soul.  Wrapping you in warmth and comfort and they make the house smell amazing too!


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Chocolate Flap Jacks

I LOVE chocolate and I love flap jacks so when faced with the issue of what to bake for orchestra club I went with the obvious choice CHOCOLATE FLAPJACKS!!!


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Sloe berry Splendour: Jam

As many who know me well will know I love a freebie and what better freebie than food!  Read on to discover how you can make your very own Sloe Jam!


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DIY Christmas Chutney

Christmas is coming and whilst many of us want to try not to think that it’s only 3 more pay days until Christmas I like to try and ease myself into the spirit of the Christmas season with the warm and welcoming smells of this chutney bubbling away on the stove.


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Luscious Lemon Scrub Pot

Get you’re very own spa feeling with this blast of citrus.  I give you the luscious lemon scrub pot.  Perfect for smoothing out your skin and detoxing pores.  Are you longing for that spa feeling?  Are you desperate to replenish your temple spa or Neal Yards stash but your bank card, sits in your purse idly mocking you, every time you dare to glance its way?

pic monkey


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Old School Victoria Sponge

There’s nothing quite like an old school Victoria sponge to ease yourself back into baking.  It’s relatively quick and easy and it always looks effective on the table.  It’s always going to be my go to cake!



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Simple White Loaf Recipe


If you’ve read my DIY Flatbreads recipe you’ll know exactly how I feel about baking bread and in particular my thoughts towards Paul Hollywood.  However with bake off back on the TV menu I thought I’d face my demons with another bread challenge.  This time the simple white loaf.

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Stickly Lemon Drizzle Loaf

So officially the diet has now started and I’m doing really well.  But before it did start I made one of these.  It was my farewell to all things yummy for the time being and what better way to do it than with one of these bad boys…..

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