10 Ways to Use Dried Lavender

Here’s the ultimate guide in the best ways to use dried lavender.  It details various crafts relating to the aromatic lavender and how to make the most amazing DIY gifts.  Perfect for teachers, neighbours, packing out a DIY hamper or just treating yourself.  If you’ve got heap loads of this herb growing in your garden but you’ve never dried your own  lavender then be sure to check out my post How To Dry Lavender.


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Fox Dungarees Hot Off The Hook #2

This week on HOTH it’s all about dungarees!  If you missed it don’t forget to check out my last hot of the hook instalment.  I love dungarees on babies.  Its my all time favourite outfit.  They always look so scrummy and comfortable in them.  Dungarees are also super versatile  as you can put various tops underneath to achieve a different “look” and when your toddler is ….. well ……toddling there are no issues of trousers falling down.  They’re the ultimate crawling/climbing ensemble both cute and practical!




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Hot Off The Hook #1

So this is the first instalment of hot off the hook and there won’t be much writing just pretty pics of great makes or awful pics of disasters!

2016-06-18 14.01.29



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Baby Boy Crochet Sleeping Bag Cocoon Pattern

So I’ve been super busy recently hitting the hook and getting my wool fix.  I attempted this week for the first time to write my very first crochet pattern.  This is a total first for me and I’ve got to say I’m pretty chuffed with the overall result.


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Summer and Crochet

My quest for summer wool projects continues.  With hats and scarves months away I’m feeling the need for projects in keeping with the coming summer season.


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Sloe Berry Splendour – Identifying

The first stage of your sloe berry “journey of discovery” has to be recognising and identify sloe berries and damsons (larger and more plumb like sloes with a very similar taste).  Want to know how best to handle your sole haul?  check out my post Sloe berry Splendour: Jam

2015-08-27 21.15.35

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Luscious Lemon Scrub Pot

Get you’re very own spa feeling with this blast of citrus.  I give you the luscious lemon scrub pot.  Perfect for smoothing out your skin and detoxing pores.  Are you longing for that spa feeling?  Are you desperate to replenish your temple spa or Neal Yards stash but your bank card, sits in your purse idly mocking you, every time you dare to glance its way?

pic monkey


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Old School Victoria Sponge

There’s nothing quite like an old school Victoria sponge to ease yourself back into baking.  It’s relatively quick and easy and it always looks effective on the table.  It’s always going to be my go to cake!



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How to Dry Lavender

imagesThis post is all about the amazing and diverse herb that is lavender and some of the techniques that can be used to dry it.

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Budget Country Chic

So last weekend was the big bash.  I turned the big 3 0.  I’m not entirely convinced that this is a cause for celebration but putting that aside I put on my party face and started to get organised.

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