These crochet face scrubbies make the perfect homemade addition to pamper hampers.  Teamed with my luscious lemon scrub pot they make an amazing heart felt gift.

Free Face Scrubby Crochet Pattern

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This weeks free pattern is all about being eco friendly and saving the oceans.  The soap saver or soap sock is the perfect way to reduce the amount of plastic you’re using and is a great make for anyone trying to work towards zero waste.

soap sock pic6

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This crochet fox purse pattern is the ultimate toddler accessory.  The fox purse teams great with the other items from the Chummy Mummy Fox Collection so be sure to check them out!  Don’t forget to see my pinterest boards where I store all my fox inspiration and pattern links.


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Free Crochet Pattern – Blanket Throw

With winter well and truly in it’s throws and snow hitting the UK hard these past few weeks what better way to embrace the hygge than crocheting a super soft and super chunky blanket.

This crochet blanket has a great texture and the stitches are quite close reducing the amount of pulls and little sticky fingers getting stuck.

crochet throw pattern

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HOTH Christmas Is Coming

Don’t you find it strange how it’s Halloween, then you blink and it’s Christmas.  Its been a hectic few weeks with lots of…..dare I say it….Christmas prep.  I’ve a Christmas market looming so I’ve been preparing lots of lovely things to sell.  I’m particularly well prepped with headbands especially the fox headbands which have been super popular this year.

Crochet Bow Headband

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HOTH Crochet Mug Warmers

This week has been all about mug warmers, mug cosies or mug hugs!  What ever you want to name them I’ve been drowning in them!

free crochet pattern

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HOTH hats and headbands!

It’s that time of year when hats and ear warmers become a priority.  Yes it’s winter and knit wear is the ultimate way to accessorise.  Unfortunately I can’t knit but as you know I’m quite partial to a bit of hooking so with that in mind I’ve been cracking on with some awesome hats and headbands.


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FREE crochet headband pattern

This weeks free crochet pattern is another headband ear warmer.  They make such good stocking fillers and are a great way to use up left over yarn at the end of a project.  I’m really loving these at the moment as there’s so much you can do with them to make them individual and they’re a brilliant way of avoiding hat hair!


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Hot Off The Hook – I’m Back

It’s been ages since I hit you up with a HOTH section!  Things have been crazy busy with the kids getting back to school and Christmas requests coming in and foolishly I decided that this year we’re going for a handmade theme on the Christmas tree.  I’ve crocheted 5 tiny stocking to hang so just another 19 to go, no pressure!  There’s also been lots of demand for the fox headbands again this year so I’ve had a few of these on the hook these past few weeks.

crochet fox headband

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10 Ways to Use Dried Lavender

Here’s the ultimate guide in the best ways to use dried lavender.  It details various crafts relating to the aromatic lavender and how to make the most amazing DIY gifts.  Perfect for teachers, neighbours, packing out a DIY hamper or just treating yourself.  If you’ve got heap loads of this herb growing in your garden but you’ve never dried your own  lavender then be sure to check out my post How To Dry Lavender.


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