This weeks free pattern is all about being eco friendly and saving the oceans.  The soap saver or soap sock is the perfect way to reduce the amount of plastic you’re using and is a great make for anyone trying to work towards zero waste.

soap sock pic6

It’s been a while since I posted a free pattern, with work and the kids life just kind of took over for a while but I’m really excited to introducing this one to you.  The pattern I’m publishing here is one of 4 designs I have available.  The other 3 designs are available for purchase via my etsy shop.  You can also purchase the packaging pictured either in digital or hard copy format.

soap sock pic3.JPG


1 50g ball of 100% cotton in DK weight

4 mm hook

Darning Needle


3 Stitch Markers (you could also use a different coloured piece of yarn to mark your place)



SS                    Slip Stitch

CH                   Chain

DC                   Double Crochet

SC                   Single Crochet

ST                    Stitch

BLO                Back Loops Only

FP HDC          Front Post Half Double Crochet

BP HDC          Back Post Half Double Crochet

PF                   Puff Stitch


Pattern Notes

This Pattern is written using American standard terms.  On the rounds where the number of stitches is increased the round should be joined in the top of the chain two from the previous round.  In the straight rounds that do not include an increase in stitches the rounds should not be joined and a stitch marker should be placed to mark where your round ends/begins.  The chain two does not count as a stitch.  Numbers in brackets advise number of stitches in that round.


R1             CH5, 2SC in second CH from hook, 1 SC in next 2 CHs, 4SC in last CH.  (you will now be crocheting along the other side of the original CH5) 1 SC in next 2 CHs, 2SC in last CH.  SS to join. (12)

R2             CH2, 2HDC in same ST as CH2, 1 HDC in next 4 STs, 2HDC in next 2 STs, 1 HDC in next 4 STs, 2HDC in last ST,  SS to join (16)

R3             CH2, 2HDC in same ST as CH2, 1 HDC in next 6 STs, 2 HDC in next 2 STs, 1 HDC in next 6 STs, 2 HDC in last ST, SS to join (20)

R4             WORKING IN BLO.  SC in first ST of the previous round (place stitch marker) SC in every ST around (20)

R5-13        WORKING IN BOTH LOOPS.   SC in every ST around using your stitch marker to track where the round starts/ends (20)  The amount of rows here can be adjusted to suit the length of soap you are making your sock for.

R14           Lay your piece flat.  Take note of the oval shape of the base of the sock.  Lay it flat so that the curved sections where you completed the sets of 2HDC are to the left and right as per the picture below.


Place a stitch marker at the central point on the front and back edge of your sock.  You are marking where to make your hole and chain loop which will hold your soap inside.  SC in every ST around until you meet your first marker,  CH2 skip the stitch with the marker and continue to SC around until your next marker.  When you reach the second marker remove and SC into the ST then CH25, SC in remaining STs around until you reach your original stitch marker which shows where your rounds start and finish.  You should now have a CH2 hole opposite your CH25.  The CH25 loop can be threaded through the hole to your soap sock will hold the soap in place.


Fasten off and weave in your ends.


Don’t worry if you can’t crochet but would love one of these you can purchase them ready made from here

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