These crochet face scrubbies make the perfect homemade addition to pamper hampers.  Teamed with my luscious lemon scrub pot they make an amazing heart felt gift.

Free Face Scrubby Crochet Pattern

Whilst putting this pattern together I tried out a number of techniques and found that the stitches you use can really effect the texture and use of the face scrubby.  For instance.  The pattern here produces a relatively flat face scrubby which is great for removing make up, particularly eye make up.

During development I also came up with a pattern for a textured face scrubby and a super textured ruffle scrubby.  The textured scrubby is great for exfoliating whilst the ruffle scrubby is really good for working up a good foam with your face wash and comes with a handy strap to make using a little easier.  Both these patterns can be found in the links and include printable packaging perfect if you’re making them for a gift or craft market.


I’ve done the first flat face scrubby pattern here for free to get you going.  I’d love to see the colours you’ve chosen and how they turned out feel free to share your creations on the Facebook page


DK 100% cotton in required colours

4mm crochet hook

Darning needle



DC                   Double Crochet

SS                    Slip Stitch

CH                   Chain

MR                  Magic Ring


Pattern Notes

This pattern is written in standard American terms.  The chain two does not count as a stitch unless otherwise stated.

The Flat Scrubby

This face scrubby is relatively flat and smooth.

R1       MR, CH2, complete 10 DC inside MR.  SS to first DC. (10)

R2       CH2, DC twice in same ST as CH.  DC twice in every ST around.  SS in top of first DC. (20)

R3       Repeat round 2 (30)

Fasten off and weave in ends.

Perfect for using with your favourite make up remover then pop in the wash and re-use!

8 thoughts on “FREE CROCHET PATTERN Face Scrubbies

  1. Great gift idea & I especially 💜 Your packaging! Just tie with cute ribbon, put in gift bag or wrap, and then done. You just made my life easier…now off to find DK yarn to make enough of these babies for 30 friends.


    • Hi Joy thanks so much for visiting! The packaging is included in the purchase of the 3 scrubby patterns on my etsy shop (£1.44). They are also available for free on pinterest but may need some adjustment to fit your scrubbies. I hope this helps to answer your question. Best of luck Zoe


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