With winter well and truly in it’s throws and snow hitting the UK hard these past few weeks what better way to embrace the hygge than crocheting a super soft and super chunky blanket.

This crochet blanket has a great texture and the stitches are quite close reducing the amount of pulls and little sticky fingers getting stuck.

crochet throw pattern

This is a particular favourite of mine as not only are the colours great but the blanket has a really nice weight to it which adds to that feeling of luxury when your snuggled up with a scrummy hot chocolate.

free crochet blanket pattern


8mm hook

12 100g skeins of Grundl Living yarn (4 of each colour)

Darning Needle



CH         Chain

SC          Single Crochet

DC         Double Crochet

SKP       Skip a Stitch

ST          Stitch

Colour Combination

Colour 1 – Lilac – 4 Rows

Colour 2 – White – 2 rows

Colour 3 – Grey – 4 Rows

Colour 2 – White 2 Rows

Repeat above in your chosen colours to achieve the same pattern as shown in pictures.  My blanket worked up to approximately 1.5 metres wide (the chain length) by around a 1.8 metres.  Ideally I would have liked to have made it larger but with this yarn being quite bulky there was a lot of weight to it without adding any more rows.


R1          CH123, SC in third CH from hook,  DC in the same ST,  SKP the next ST, *SC/DC in next ST, SKP the next ST*

*repeat across the whole row.  You should have a total of 122 ST

R2-4          CH1, SKP the first ST, *SC/DC in next ST, SKP the next ST*  repeat until the end of the row.

At the end of the fourth row change to your next colour and continue as the previous rows in the colour combination as instructed above.

Changing the size

To change the length simply crochet more rows in the same colour pattern as you have been working until you have achieved the desired length.

To change the width (Chain length)  Adjust the number of chains to be an odd number and follow the instructions above.  Your number of stitches should always be one less than your original chain number.

I love to see your makes and the colour combinations you come up with please share them in the comments or head on over to the Facebook or Instagram page and tag me there.

Happy Hooking!

Free Crochet Pattern – Blanket Throw

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