With valentines day approaching and romance in the air I felt inspired to treat myself to some new make up pads.  These heart face scrubbies are a great eco friendly way to remove your make up and leave your face feeling fresh.  They also make a super cute gift especially with the little gift box which can be found here

free crochet pattern heart face scrubby

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FREE CROCHET PATTERN Zero Waste Produce Bags

These produce bags are ideal if you’re looking for a zero waste lifestyle or you’re trying to reduce the amount of plastic you use.  They’re eco friendly and a great stash buster as they don’t take up very much yarn.  If you’re interested in zero waste crochet patterns why not see my soap saving, shower gel reducing, soap socks a great way to reduce the amount of plastic shower gel bottles you’re using by swapping them for a bar of soap and an awesome cotton soap sock.

mesh bag produce bag

The labels pictured can be found here.  Great for craft sellers or gifting.

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