HOTH Crochet Mug Warmers

This week has been all about mug warmers, mug cosies or mug hugs!  What ever you want to name them I’ve been drowning in them!

free crochet pattern

They’re a great way of using up scrap yarn and can be made in your favourite stitch to give lots of different textures.

In my research to find the perfect crochet mug cosy I’ve come across huge debate on their effectiveness.  Some people claim they keep coffee warmer longer others say its a load of tosh.  Some people like them as they stop their hands getting burnt on the cup and others claim they’re only use is that they look super cute!  What ever your opinions or motivations its got to be said that they make a great last minute stocking filler or teacher gift during the holiday season.  The bonus being that they don’t take long to make and you can get quite a few out of one skein of yarn meaning its not a huge project taking great chunks out of your stash and what’s more just to add icing on the cake the project involves buttons!!!  I love a good button and think picking the right one can really make all the difference to your project.

crochet cosie


So with all this in mind I’ve been hitting the hook hard to get these beauties done.

There’s a free pattern for this on its way to you soon over on purple valley along.  The pattern featured above is available on my Etsy shop for a bargain price of 60p!  The pattern includes a printable mug cosy label for those wanting to package them up to sell or as gifts.


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