Hot Off The Hook – I’m Back

It’s been ages since I hit you up with a HOTH section!  Things have been crazy busy with the kids getting back to school and Christmas requests coming in and foolishly I decided that this year we’re going for a handmade theme on the Christmas tree.  I’ve crocheted 5 tiny stocking to hang so just another 19 to go, no pressure!  There’s also been lots of demand for the fox headbands again this year so I’ve had a few of these on the hook these past few weeks.

crochet fox headband

It’s all about patterns right now and I don’t mean zigzag and floral.  I’m having a go at making more professional looking patterns so I can expand my repertoire.  I’ve got a book that looks like a small child has attempted hieroglyphics inside of it.  It is my crochet note bible and is a constant fixture in my project bag.  I’m always writing random numbers down and then trying to remember which of the 10 on going projects it relates to.  I’ve decided to try and translate this into readable directions so I can share my crochet addiction with the world.  Dream big or go home.

So without further a do I give you a quick run down of the patterns I’ve got up and running so far.


This is a super easy beginners pattern perfect for someone looking to crochet a gift for someone for Christmas or birthday but you’ve got limited time and resources.  This is the pattern for you.  The pattern can be played around with so you can just make a basic band without the ears and maybe sew on a funky button, appliques or why not fix on a vintage brooch.  The possibilities are endless and I’d love to see what you come up with.

This year the fox headbands and wolf headbands are proving super popular again.  They’re a perfect balance of quick to work up and affordable as a stocking filler for Christmas.  If you want to get you’re hands on one and can’t crochet check out my etsy shop or if you’d like to make your own the pattern is available on etsy at a small cost of less than £1.20 to keep me in mars bars.  There’s also a free printable included in the digital pattern so you can package your headbands up as gifts!  Hit paper or digital to get your copies now (NB – paper copies also require an additional postage charge)



Another pattern that has been hotly anticipated the crochet mermaid tail blanket.  I’ve been meaning to get this written down properly for some time.  I’ve tried quite a few patterns but I like my stitches to be close together I’m not a big fan of holey blankets.  So I’ve had a play around and come up with this beauty.  The wool can be purchased from my friends over at Purple Valley.  They have an amazing collection of yarns at very reasonable prices.  I’m super lucky as their physical shop is local to me so I get to go and drool over all the awesome colours!  This is an example of the tail with my lovely daughter.

tail 2.jpg

I’ve only managed to get this pattern down in toddler and child size so far but I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out.  If anyone has any pattern requests I’m always up for a challenge please pop me a message and I will happily give it a try.


Whilst this isn’t available yet it is a very nearly completed work in progress.  I’ve made quite a few dungarees before but I haven’t written a pattern for them yet.  Watch this space it’ll be coming in the next month.  The hat pattern is ready now and you can get it here.



The perfect handmade gift for little ones.  I love this pattern as it’s suitable for boys or girls and can be played around with to achieve a multitude of different looks.  This is available exclusively to Purple Valley in their Paignton shop in Devon.

crochet baby shoes pattern

I’ve also been working on this little number.  This is a one off item which is available to purchase in my Etsy shop.  I’m also working on the pattern for the dress which I’m hoping will be available by the end of November.

crochet dress

What have you been working on?  Share your makes in the comments and lets keep each other inspired!

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