New Year, New Tea

In my last post I mused about the familiar Facebook posts of “new year, new me” and my strong opinions on the subject.  I voiced concern over the pressures of modern society and went so far as to admit that I’m fat.  We ended with my need for tea and that’s where I’m starting today.


In November I approached one of the many teatox companies on the market as I’d been interested in doing one for a while.  I was really pleased with Essential teatox who sent me a sample pack.  The packaging was beautiful and the labelling was informative as to what the tea contained as well as when/how to drink the tea.  Whilst my mind was willing to hit the positive and try to be healthier with the temptation of sugar everywhere the detox was short lived.  I stuck with the tea but I also stuck with all the cake and biscuits.

I re-read my count down post before writing this  and I’m feeling re-energised to do the teatox again.  I think it will be the perfect way to have a fresh start.  Not a diet or a health kick but a small change to move forward and feel more positive day to day.  I want to have the energy to get out of the house with the 3 kids and feel the wind in my hair and the sting of sea salt on my cheeks.  After having the flu this week the mind has been willing but the body some what lacking.

I’d also forgotten how I’d managed to get into a routine of having a bath every night before bed and reading as well as being able to get to bed for 10.30 every night.  Whilst essential teatox makes no promises to deliver these things I found that drinking it helped me get into the right way of thinking and set up a routine that was better for me.  Something I’m definitely looking forward to doing again.

So I’ve dug out the herbal tea and I’m ditching the coffee.  The last time I used the blend after the 2 weeks I had loads more energy and was certainly sleeping better.  The packet advises that users often experience some mild diarrhoea the morning after drinking the evening tea.  I personally didn’t experience this.

After first using this tea in November I would recommend this product to anyone looking to get into the right frame of mind and to start feeling good after over indulging.  I’m definitely looking forward to using it again!

Have you tried any of the teatox products?  What are your thoughts and experiences?

Want to try out essential teatox?  Check out their website here

NB: I was given this product to try for free in exchange for my honest opinion.  All photographs and opinions in this post are my own.

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