New Year, New Tea

In my last post I mused about the familiar Facebook posts of “new year, new me” and my strong opinions on the subject.  I voiced concern over the pressures of modern society and went so far as to admit that I’m fat.  We ended with my need for tea and that’s where I’m starting today.


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New Year, New Me

So we’ve reached the time of year where the usual Facebook posts hit “New Year, New Me”.  A load of bollocks in my opinion.  What’s wrong with the old you?  January is the most depressing month of the year and it’s not hard to see why.  There’s so much pressure these days to be the “ultimate woman”  the answer to all needs.  Need a glorious housewife? I can be that but I’ll also work full time and have children who are all immaculate and the house will be show home perfect (unless you look upstairs which is where I dumped all the crap when I saw you pull up outside).  I’ll also strive to be picture perfect.  Yes I can be thin and trophy wife ready whilst doing home made cakes……..lie.   The image must me maintained.

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