Slapton Sands Devon

After a busy start to the week with the husband pulling a 48 hour shift and numerous other commitments cropping up I was feeling well and truly burnt out today.  I started a detox yesterday and was feeling the lack of sugar in my system.  My mood was feeling much like the clouds over at Slapton……..dark.

slap 7.jpg

At times like these my body screams for a sofa day but I know my triggers and knew my psyche was inwardly crying to be released into the harsh expanse that is Slapton Sands.  During the summer months the beach is a haven to holiday makers and locals alike.  However during colder months such as these the beach is almost deserted providing a much needed calming refuge.  My love of the beach in winter is something I’ve talked about before.


The areas history is in stark contrast to it’s beauty.  Slapton was used as a practice ground for allied forces in their preparation for the D Day landings and during a live exercise in 1943 a combination of live ammunition and poor visibility resulted in 749 American deaths.  Operation Tiger is commemorated with a Sherman tank at Torcross.


As we left the car the wind was sharp and brisk and left a cleansed quality to my skin as we battled along the shore.


Nieve was very enthusiastic about throwing stones into the surf and the pebbles provided and interesting walking surface for her as she struggled to stay upright.


Our walk was followed by a visit to The Boat House Cafe for a fish sharing platter for lunch and then back home for a good cup of tea.


Our wellies were well and truly broke in by the time we got back to the car and the little lady had certainly had enough with her head nodding 5 minutes into the drive home.


The drive home was almost more exciting than the walk as we drove the back lanes a buzzard dived claws first into a hedge to catch an unknown creature and was then level with our windscreen as it flew on its way.  I’ve seen birds of prey up close before at Torbay Grand Prix but I’ve never seen a wild one so close.  There was something special about seeing it so up close whilst doing something so primal and natural that it was the perfect way to end our trip and I had a grin from ear to ear for the rest of the journey home.  I felt satisfied and the neurotic beast within felt satiated and content.

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