The Count Down Begins!

Many of those who know me know my love of food and in particular anything sugary.  It’s now 2 weeks until Brads Christmas party and I’m already feeling like frumpy mum.  With Winter in full swing I know my love handles have grown more lovely and the spare tyre’s growing a twin so I decided with the party on its way I’d do a 2 weeks detox.


Don’t get me wrong I’m not into fad diets or dropping a dress size in 2 days by eating nothing but cabbage soup and some weird berries.  This is about FEELING good.  I haven’t weighed or measured myself in any way.  This is all about how my body feels.  So this post is dedicated to the before feeling and let me tell you it’s pretty depressing.

I feel sluggish and tired most of the time.  Not surprising with 3 children.  The problem is when I feel tired the first thing I do is reach for the kettle and the biscuit tin/cake cupboard.  This then brings me back where I need to be energy wise.  I’m sailing on a high of caffeine and sugar until an hour or two later when I’m even more tired and needing more.  And so begins the cycle to where I am now.  I’m convinced this sugar addiction is also affecting my moods I had a rant at my husband the other day about buttering bread!  So the teatox it is.

It arrived today and even the packaging was cheerful.  The teabags look really good quality and the “leaves” inside are large and fresh smelling.  There’s a distinct smell of ginger from the morning tea and a strong smell of mint coming from the evening blend.  I’m not a big fan of mint tea and was initially put off by this however after drinking it I can say I was pleasantly surprised.  It left me feeling really refreshed and the other flavours within the blend complemented the minty taste.


So far I’m feeling quite positive.  I wouldn’t say I’m reverberating with energy but as I’ve said before with 3 children that’s hardly surprising.  What I would say is that I feel more calm.  Whether that’s the tea or the reduced sugar/caffeine intake I’m not sure.  I think it could be a combination of the two.  I’m making more of an effort to relax in the evening rather than sitting and crocheting for hours or erratically networking I’m taking time to have a bath and read yes you saw that right READ a book.  I’ve been in bed and asleep for 10.30 pm two nights running which is almost completely unheard of as usually I’m up until around 1 am.


I think the teatox is helping me get into the right mindset.  I’m starting the day with something healthy and caffeine free which is motivating me to see it through to the evening and I do feel less hungry than normal so I think it’s helping with the sugar issues.  The truth is something’s got to give and this teatox is the first stage in taking control of my health and happiness.  I’m not striving for a size 8 figure with rippling abs.  I’d be happy with more energy for running after my 2 year old and skin that doesn’t look like sandpaper.  So far so good I’m feeling motivated.  Lets get the show on the road!


NB:  This is a sponsored post.  I received the products for free in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions and pictures are my own.

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