Top 5 DIY Budget Christmas Gifts

budget-christmas1I LOVE Christmas!  I love the giving gifts.  I REALLY love the receiving gifts and I love the pageantry of Christmas time.  The Christmas season is a real delight for the senses,  with Christmas lights and tinsel everywhere you look.  The smell of mince pies baking and the heat of gingerbread on your tongue as you tuck in with a delicious coffee.


I’m also an obsessive list maker and money saver.  My husband will often chime in that you need a spanner to get a 50p out of my……..well the less said about his opinion the better and lets leave it at that.

One of my favourite ways to get into the Christmas spirit is to write a list of people I need to give gifts to and decide how I’m going to budget it all in.

My favourite, easy, go to Christmas gifts can be found in the list below.  Do you make homemade gifts?  Share your ideas and links in the comments below.


Chutney is possibly the most amazing preserve out there and the beauty of it is that there’s a flavour for every occasion.  It will give a new lease of life to the dry left over turkey or brighten up the most un-tempting of cheeseboards.  Chutney is also amazing spread on cheese on toast.  I have a recipe for a Christmas chutney but there are hundreds of chutney recipes out there just waiting for you to find them.

budget christmas 2.jpg

For those among us who are so organised you most likely want to slap them there’s an abundance of things that you can do with free, forage food.  Sloes are a particularly good example of this as you can, with enough planning, use them for making sloe vodka/gin and then use the same berries to make a sloe jelly which can be used with cheese boards and cold cuts but is also amazing on toast or in gravy for an extra hit of flavour.  To try your hand at foraging be sure to check out my post on identifying sloes as well as my sloe jelly recipe.

pic monkey

The perfect gift for the beauty conscious among us.  This scrub is made using all natural ingredients.  The most expensive ingredient will most likely be the coconut oil at around £4.99 but you will get a large bang for your buck as you’ll get multiple scrub pots from your one pot of coconut oil.  These made great teacher gifts last year when made up into cute jars with ribbon, a card with instructions and a collection of cotton crochet make up pads.


These are the genius idea from Martha Stewart.  They’re brilliant for putting in knicker draws and are so easy that even the non crafting among us could successfully have a go.  I think this would also be a great one to do with kids as long as they’re supervised.  You can cut costs even more if you know someone with lavender bushes in their garden.  If this is the case why not try drying your own to use.

Another great use for lavender is……..


This is a great way to infuse lavender into the bath without all the floaty bits.  This craft advises the use of a sewing machine but you could also make them by hand.  For the full tutorial click here and for more examples of lavender based crafts be sure to check out my 10 Ways to Use Dried Lavender


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