The Dark Hedges The Kings Road

Our final day in Ireland has arrived.  Mum and dad have been dropped to the airport and we’ve had our first bit of rain.  I’m ready to go home but as a huge Game of Thrones fan in Ireland it just feels wrong to go home without visiting at least one of the film sites.  With the weather clearly against us we decided on The Kings Road or as it’s actually called, The Dark Hedges.


The Dark Hedges are situated in Ballymoney in Northern Ireland.  The hedges are made up of Beech trees which were planted in the 18th century by the Stuart family.  The intention was to impress visitors with this feature on the approach to their stately home.  The trees have held steady for over 200 years and have featured as The Kings Road in Game of Thrones.  Having seen them first hand I can appreciate why these would be a draw for use as a dramatic back drop.

The photographs don’t do justice to the sheer size a surprising grace of these magnificent trees.

After visiting the Dark Hedges we went onto Ballymoney town centre to pay homage to Joey Dunlop.  My husband is a huge TT fan and this was the only thing on his bucket list to do while we were away.  We stopped off at his memorial gardens, which featured an impressive life size statue of the racer on a motorbike.  I’ll admit it felt weird taking a picture at a memorial garden.  I’m still not sure how I feel about it and as a result this is the only picture I took.

pic monkey.jpg

We then, naturally, found a cafe to get out of the rain and of course to eat cake.  I was really pleased to discover a second hand shop next door and found my bargain of the holiday in this unusual square tea pot which is now sat proudly on my dinning room table at home awaiting use.  I just need to get round to making a cozy for it next.

With our final day over it was time to head back to our Irish home, light the fire one last time and enjoy our last evening of peace before the epic commute home.



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