Kids Jobs List

As mums, I think we can all relate to there not being enough time in the day, to the stresses of running round like a blue bottomed fly. We’ve all, at some point, dreamt of having our own, Gru style, army of minions at our disposal.

Whilst I’m not an advocate of child labour I am a firm believer in children being as independent as possible, understanding the value of money and having a strong work ethic.
With this in mind my boys were given a set of jobs each to do daily to earn their £1 per week pocket money. They aren’t allowed to spend this money at the shop for sweets (they have treat Friday for sweets that are saved up from my mum and nan otherwise they’d have no teeth left!!) They have to save the money in their jars and are allowed to use it when we go to a car boot or have an outing we’re saving for such as Butlins.

I don’t give them anything too strenuous, they have a basic set of jobs they have to do but on top of this I may ask them to help me with tasks I am doing.

So here’s my breakdown of jobs I’ve had them do over the years as their daily jobs have evolved and changed over time.

At present each child has to:

  1. make his own bed
  2. empty his own lunch box
  3. Feed and water lizard and snake (did I mention our house is like a zoo!)
  4. Set the table for dinner every evening
  5. bring the dirty washing basket down every morning
  6. both boys have to empty the dinner table
  7. Take clean washing upstairs

Other jobs they have completed and/or helped me complete include:

  1. chopping vegetables to help prepare dinner (I usually peel whilst they chop which means I can keep a close eye on little fingers)
  2. separating washing into lights and dark
  3. putting washing in the washing machine and setting it off on a cycle
  4. hoovering (not on a big clean day but for a midweek tickle over)
  5. polishing, dusting (especially if it involves a spray bottle of any kind)
  6. making toast for breakfast under supervision
  7. putting toilet roll in the bathrooms
  8. wiping and/or putting away dishes
  9. carrying mini piles of washing upstairs
  10. putting their washing away (mainly underpants, socks and pjs – not yet trusted with ironed items!!)

Needless to say I’m very lucky with my boys.  They enjoy helping and I really believe that instilling this in them at a young age will help them respect our home as they get older as they fully understand the hard work that goes into keeping it clean and comfortable.  Whether this perspective changes as they become teenagers remains to be seen!!  But for now I’m happy that keeping our home tidy……ish is still a team effort.

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