10 Ways to Use Dried Lavender

Here’s the ultimate guide in the best ways to use dried lavender.  It details various crafts relating to the aromatic lavender and how to make the most amazing DIY gifts.  Perfect for teachers, neighbours, packing out a DIY hamper or just treating yourself.  If you’ve got heap loads of this herb growing in your garden but you’ve never dried your own  lavender then be sure to check out my post How To Dry Lavender.


Lavender Pillows

Great as gifts, as part of a gift basket or maybe together with number 3?  Brilliant for aiding relaxation







Lavender Dryer Sheets

A great, natural way to get scent into washing.  This is something on my “to try” list.  My eldest son has incredibly sensitive skin so I’m unable to use anything with a strong smell like softener etc.  I have to use non bio everything.




Lavender Bath Salts

Great gift idea for Christmas for teachers etc as a little goes a long way (oils) or as part of a gift pack for friends and family or maybe just treat yourself.







Lavender Fire Starters

Another one for my “to try” list.  Great one for the fire pit in summer as it helps keeps the bugs away and smells great





Lavender Draw Liners

So this ones a bit of a cheat as it doesn’t actually use dried lavender but I found it during my search and loved the idea so much I had to include it.  Plus its a great way to utilise your left over oil from completing number 3.






Lavender Wands

LOVE this idea so unusual and very old school.  I love it when someone takes an old craft and inserts new life into it.  I know my little girl would love one of these and it may be on our craft list this coming summer.









These-gorgeous-Lavender-and-Cocoa-Butter-Bath-Melts-are-surprisingly-easy-to-make.jpgLavender and Cocoa Butter Bath Melts

Another brilliant gift idea……….. wait forget that, forget the gift giving, get this one made and hook yourself up with a bottle of wine, hot bath and a good book










Lavender Envelope Sachets

So simple a great, quick craft which is simple yet effective.










aff709ddfd6bbcdcad927a8bf3c819e5.jpgLavender Confetti

There’s no tutorial included in this link just the picture however I’d say its pretty easy.  Dry lavender and remove buds.  You can find out how in my “how to dry lavender” post.  Add to confetti cones as pictured.  This a cool idea for a wedding with a country theme.  It’ll smell great when thrown and is also perfect for churches and registrars where only biodegradable confetti is permitted.  If you don’t have enough lavender you could bulk out with other dried flower petals such as roses.




bathtubteaLavender Tea Bags

Of all the ideas I’ve listed this is by far my favourite and something I’ll definitely be trying out in the future.

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