DISASTER……of double cake proportions


………..When the heffer within strikes no food is safe (background explosion).  When the greed in you surfaces and all cake becomes victim to your appetite (imagine a bake well tart screaming)………When you just have a few days where you think  F**k it.  Then you’ve had a DISASTER




OK you can stop with the dramatic voice over in your head this bits just normal (ish).  Worst start to the week ever.  I started this week going out for lunch with my nan twice.  She’s a feeder of epic proportions and both lunches involved cake.  I’m hoping I can be strong tomorrow at the sports day picnic and things will get better.  It’s also baby club day which usually involves cake.  But I will be strong.  I am a master of my own destiny. I am a beautiful and powerful woman who does not need cake……..Oh god who am I kidding its going to be hell.

Thursday……..the only “good” day

I walked to and from town today (4 mile total) with lots of hills and a heavy buggy.  This was made even more uncomfortable because I ditched the lennys today and went all fem with a pretty dress.  Major mistake as this meant there was no fabric between my voluptuous thighs to prevent serious chaffing.  I can’t wait for that to no longer be a cause for concern!  Also had sports day today which was fantastic both boys did brilliant.  Nieve was a terror as always attempting to run into school with the boys.  Here we see a classic look of devastation because I put crisp in her bowl…..


Because I put crisp in her bowl……..


We had the sports day picnic and I only ate fruit!  Dylan’s team won the day and Darrell only cried once and came second in the hurdles.  Overall I’m a  very proud mummy today and now heading up for a hot bath to soak the screaming thighs.

I’m not even going to write anymore about this week and food it’s officially a write off.  Thursday was the only “good” day.

The crochet has been going well and all of a sudden everyone’s gone mad for dungarees of all things!  More on this weeks make over on HOT OFF THE HOOK #2


I also gave a super cute tiny baby jacket to the PATH team for a vulnerable mother of a tiny baby boy!  These guys do such amazing work!  Also donating this gives me the perfect excuse to make more cute and tiny baby stuff and of course buy more wool!

2016-04-06 14.16.30


I’ve also been busy busy taming the garden and in doing so found an abundance of wildlife.


Nieve was especially enthralled by Mr Toad living in our compost bin and the lads have had lots of fun helping me saw up all this wood to be stored and dried out ready for the fire pit.  We even managed to do it without a trip to A&E.  I was super impressed.

This week has also seen the Dunn household washing Glastonbury sleeping bags for Torbay’s homeless also via the PATH team.  If you haven’t done already then definitely check out their Facebook page.  This is a great cause and well worth getting involved with.  If anyone would like more info about this just let me know.

Nieve has taken to helping me clean and I feel like I’ve barely seen the boys as they’ve been playing out the front with their friends although they did take the time to tell me over dinner that I had a huge patch of grey hair…………how thoughtful they are.


I’ts a new week soon and I’ll be starting it with fresh strawberries and rhubarb from the garden, 3 healthy kids and a pretty awesome mister.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

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