Weekend Round Up

This weekend
has been totally fab from Chinese food to cake, Dirty Dancing and Patrick Swayze to Grease and hair in rollers its been a barrel of laughs from start to finish.



This weekend has been a huge celebration of my mums birthday and fathers day.  It wasn’t a significant birthday the over the top celebrations are just how we roll.

For anyone that doesn’t know me and my family we’re like a cooler version of Big Fat Greek Wedding but too real to be Kardashians.  There’s always drama, there’s always love, there’s always always laughter and noise and most importantly of all there is ALWAYS food!

The weekend was kicked off with a fabulous Chinese and copious amounts of wine.  What followed the next evening can only be described as a girly night Snelson style.  There were pig tails and pj’s, wine and rollers as well as the compulsory chic flicks to see us through the night and what showing of Grease would be complete without a sing along to Rizzo doing Sandradee.

I was in charge of the food for the night and made a huge chilli complete with salad and creme fraiche.  Being a bit skint I hit the garden for the centre piece and was pretty pleased with the results.

I also had bunting left over from a previous party which finished it off nicely.


Overall the weekend was brilliant.  We always do a good party!

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