Biking Brilliant and Maternity Leggings

Wow I can’t believe its been nearly 8 months since I last posted anything here!  So much has happened!  So many family days out that I haven’t recorded.  So much cake eaten that I haven’t written about!  Did you know I’ve started cycling?  See an abundance of change and none of it recorded!

bike ride

Little Nieve is walking and the boys are tearing it up and becoming more independent by the day and I suddenly found that my fingers were itching for more than just E45 and a crochet hook.  They wanted to feel the familiar click of a key beneath their pads and to know that all of the mundane and ridiculous was being recorded so that when I’m old and senile the kids will now that I didn’t always pee myself and fart when I got out of the chair.

Who am I kidding the kids are laughing right now and thinking to themselves that’s not age related she was farting getting out of the chair at 30 never mind 70!

The crochet has really taken off and I’m making a steady flow of beautiful items that I sometimes cherish so much I struggle with the goodbye at the post office, as they make their way to their forever home.


My deliveries have found themselves as far as North Carolina and Sweden all from my little house in Devon.  I feel very……!


As my crochet orders have grown so has my waistline.  All the weight I lost after having Nieve has slowly re-appeared and, like an invading army, has covered my territory and firmly set up shop in my ass.  Initially I ignored this and attempted the “I’m just happy with who I am” road.  A road travelled too often, it is now responsible for my large waistline and the fact that I’m back in maternity leggings (Nieves now 18 months…….the shame) because I can’t bring myself to buy size 20 jeans.

So this week, as well as relieving my very itchy fingers by typing away on an interface only my Nan reads, I am also embarking on a herbalife journey.  It’s not sponsored, there are no affiliated links just an honest response from a stay at home mum to 3 kids and international entrepreneur (mustn’t forget that!)

So far I’ve lost 1lb in weight and I’m a week in.  We did a 6 mile bike ride yesterday which my lady bits are paying for today (If I didn’t know any better I’d say they attempted to swallow the seat, a problem I probably should have anticipated after having 3 children)

bike ride

I was a little disappointed with my weight loss results but on the plus side I do have lots more energy and none of the cravings and food obsession I’ve had with previous diets.  I even refused biscuits and instead opted for some ham……..I mean hello your talking to the author of Ugly Yummy Gooseberry Jam there’s nothing I won’t eat.

I’m finding it easier and easier to refuse the naughty stuff and make, dare I say, better lifestyle choices.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not ready to bin the maternity leggings just yet, I’ve become just a little bit attached……. I’m thinking of calling them lenny, but I do feel the winds of change are upon us.  I’m feeling more positive than I have in a long time.  I’ve ditched a few things that feel too negative and picked up a few things that feel more positive.  Maybe its the new balance in my life.  I haven’t had a hair cut and decided I’m a new person but I am ready to try something new.  So next on the list of things to try………pattern writing.  We’ll see how it goes.

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