DISASTER……of double cake proportions


………..When the heffer within strikes no food is safe (background explosion).  When the greed in you surfaces and all cake becomes victim to your appetite (imagine a bake well tart screaming)………When you just have a few days where you think  F**k it.  Then you’ve had a DISASTER



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Weekend Round Up

This weekend
has been totally fab from Chinese food to cake, Dirty Dancing and Patrick Swayze to Grease and hair in rollers its been a barrel of laughs from start to finish.



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Still Feeling Positive

So its week 2 of herbalife and I’m still surviving without chocolate.  It was my weigh in day with Chloe today and its not something I was particularly looking forward to.  Whilst Chloe is totally supportive I always feel there’s a trepidation when putting yourself on scales in front of someone.


Image from Cooking Classy

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Hot Off The Hook #1

So this is the first instalment of hot off the hook and there won’t be much writing just pretty pics of great makes or awful pics of disasters!

2016-06-18 14.01.29



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Baby Boy Crochet Sleeping Bag Cocoon Pattern

So I’ve been super busy recently hitting the hook and getting my wool fix.  I attempted this week for the first time to write my very first crochet pattern.  This is a total first for me and I’ve got to say I’m pretty chuffed with the overall result.


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Biking Brilliant and Maternity Leggings

Wow I can’t believe its been nearly 8 months since I last posted anything here!  So much has happened!  So many family days out that I haven’t recorded.  So much cake eaten that I haven’t written about!  Did you know I’ve started cycling?  See an abundance of change and none of it recorded!

bike ride

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