Summer and Crochet

My quest for summer wool projects continues.  With hats and scarves months away I’m feeling the need for projects in keeping with the coming summer season.


Christmas is over and summer, though not quite here yet, is making a peep over the horizon and I can’t wait!  My obsessive and sensible mind is screaming PREPARE! However, in my heart I feel the call of pinterest research and so with twitchy fingers I hit the keys and discovered that there’s an abundance of the cutest crochet baby sandals out there.

I’ve got to say it feels strange shopping for wool in warm weather.  I’m certainly getting some strange looks when I take out my hook in public areas but the crochet junkie within is restless and these stares often turn into chats and then “networking” as I casually handover a business card (shameless).

I think the strangest place I’ve worked with wool during summer months has to be the beach hut where I’ve spent many a summers afternoon crocheting away for orders of sandals matching special summer dresses.

My other favourite item this summer has to be these super cute christening shoes.  They’re not specifically for summer but they’re made using cotton yarn which is more summer time friendly as its more breathable than acrylic.

2016-07-13 16.28.43.jpg
I’ve never made anything like these before so  I turned to a tried and tested blog, Whistle and Ivy, as I know their patterns are easy and clear to follow and I always end up with great results.

Can’t crochet but desperately need a pair of the shoes featured?  Order now via my Etsy or Facebook page

The result is pretty cool.  I’ve linked the pattern here in case you want to have a go yourself.

In my opinion this is probably the next step up from a beginner.  Whilst there’s no difficult stitches involved there is some construction required and keeping track of your stitch count is important to make sure every thing’s in the correct place.

If you’re not one for picking up the hook but need to get your hands on a pair of these beauties check out my shop you can grab yourself a custom pair in colours of your choice for £10 per pair.

Other makes this summer include these fabulous baby girl crochet pom pom shoes!


And the ultimate baby shower gift.  Super cute and perfect for photo shoots!

2016-05-06 13.11.58.jpg

Be sure to check out my guest writer Karen Malledent from WonderWoollens.  She’s given a full run down on spinning and dyeing your own yarn as well as what got her crazy about craft to begin with.  To get a heads up on what Karen is all about why not check out her fantastic shop on ETSY.

I’ve pictured one of my favourite items of hers below, a lovely hand spun, space dyed, knitted and felted merino cross body bag.  This would be perfect this summer whilst on your holiday with a pair of flip flops heading down to a local restaurant.  Just the right size for purse, phone and the all important lippy.

Why not share in the comments which item is your favourite.

Boho Beach Chic Cross Body Bag

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