Sloe Berry Splendour: A day of Picking

There are many positives to be taken from picking from the hedgerow.  “Its free food” is always top of my list, soon to be followed by…. its a free day/afternoon out with the kids where they are occupied and it doesn’t cost you anything.  Want to know what to do with your sloe haul?  Check out my post Sloe berry Splendor: Jam

2015-08-27 21.15.35


You don’t need any specialist equipment to do this just patience and, if you want to enjoy yourself, an appreciation for the outdoors and what a beautiful country we have.


You’ll need a container of some description and this is down to your preference it can be anything from a carrier bag, washed out Chinese takeaway box, freezer or sandwich bag, wicker basket (if you want to go traditional country style).  So long as what ever your using is big enough to carry what your picking without danger of dropping it then you’re ticking all the boxes.

Around this time of year I usually start saving the plastic punnet that you get your fruit in from the supermarket as the berries can be collected in these and they are also easy to wash the fruit in as they usually have holes and so act like small disposable colander (less washing up hurray!!!)

They are also the type of container that if one of the kids leaves it behind I wont’ be devastated that I’ve lost some tupperware that I desperately need.

2015-08-27 21.15.35

Make sure you take plenty of water and snacks this way you can make an occasion of it or if its a bit chilly in your neck of the woods why not take a flask of hot chocolate and some flapjacks or some other yummy treat??

Once you’ve collected your bounty the only thing left to do is take them home give them a wash and store them in the freezer.  I usually weigh them into 500g batches and store them in freezer bags this way I know how much I’m taking out at a time for recipes.

The bonus of storing them in the freezer is that this also splits the skins which will save hours with a pin if your wanting to make sloe gin or vodka!

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