DIY Christmas Chutney

Christmas is coming and whilst many of us want to try not to think that it’s only 3 more pay days until Christmas I like to try and ease myself into the spirit of the Christmas season with the warm and welcoming smells of this chutney bubbling away on the stove.


This Christmas chutney is the perfect Christmas present for teachers or a great accompaniment to a DIY Christmas hamper.  Put with cheese and cold cuts on boxing day and breath new life into that dry turkey from Christmas day.

The original recipe comes from my all time hero Hugh from River Cottage and its a winner every year.  I usually try and whip up a batch of this early before all the Christmas crazy kicks in and I always cook it when I’m on my own. There’s nothing more therapeutic than getting this bad boy on the go, and kicking back to read a good book with the wind howling outside, a mug of good coffee and the welcoming Christmas aroma wafting round the house ( bit difficult to appreciate it fully with the rabble all at home running round like loonies!!)

The perfect way to spruce up the cheese board for anyone who doesn’t like sweet stuff (hey it takes all sorts to make the world go round and I’m doing my best not to judge you savoury freaks).

I like to pair this with one or two of my other preserves as a foody Christmas present for family.  This Christmas chutney is not quite as money savvy as some of the other recipes on here but if you shop careful and buy in January, when most supermarkets are selling off their Christmas stock, you can get it cheap for next year (be mindful of use by dates)  I try to make it early after Easter this way the flavours have time to develop and it will last up to 12 months if your jars are prepared and stored correctly once made.

500g  onions
1 kg diced apples (try to include some brambleys)
500ml cider vinegar
400g demerara sugar
200g dried figs
125g dried cranberries
zest and juice of one orange
glass of port
5cm root ginger
6 cloves
12 cardamom pods
1 tea spoon coriander seeds
100g walnuts chopped


Sweat onions with oil

add apple and pour over vinegar and sugar

stir well until all sugar is dissolved

add fruits and orange juice and zest followed by the port

tie ginger, cloves, cardamom and coriander in muslin and place into the mix

allow to simmer for one hour stirring regularly to prevent catching

add walnuts and cook for a further 30 minutes

if you can part the chutney and see the bottom of the pan its ready

pot up into sterilised jars.

steriliser jars

This should keep for 12 months if kept sealed in a cool dark place.  Once opened keep in the fridge and eat within one week.

3 thoughts on “DIY Christmas Chutney

  1. Yum 😋 This looks and sounds delicious and it was a lovely read whilst sat here on the first night I have had my heating on 🍂 Autumn has definitely arrived and Christmas is starting to creep in to my thoughts…. I probably don’t have time to make this but I will pass the blog page on and keep my fingers crossed someone gets the hint 😉

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