EAT. SLEEP. BLOG. REPEAT: How to structure “me” time

Like any mum out there I rarely have “me time”.  Most of the time I’m lucky if I manage a private wee without the dog, baby walker clad Nieve or the post man interrupting me.  A downstairs loo definitely has its negatives!


I’ve been focusing a great deal recently on the need for me time.  That selfish part of me is crying out to be soothed.  At last the 6 weeks holidays are over and whilst I’ve enjoyed them lots I’m also grateful that schools back and things can go back to normal.  I’ve spoken about school holiday blues before and now things are back to the normal routine I think it’s important to set some routines in place for myself too.

I thrive on structure and with 3 children structure helps run a smooth ship.  The boys have a strict routine before and after school and each have their own set of jobs that they’re responsible for which makes things less stressful on everyone.  The first week back’s always a bit hectic as we’re all trying to remember how we work together but by the end of this week I’m sure we’ll have the family team work back down to a tee!

My goals this week have included:

Less is more: To spend less time focused on the blog.  Whilst abeautifulabode is hugely important to me it could also, very easily be my undoing.  Whilst I’m a very driven person I tend to over stretch myself regularly and often try and challenge myself putting myself outside of my comfort zone.  Whilst this has it’s positives the negative is that I burn out fast and if I fail at something I fall ridiculously hard.  Which in retrospect is ridiculous and child like but usually by the time it’s happened I’m too exhausted to see sense and will only focus on the negative.

I’ve managed to start noticing these things happening and in noticing I’m trying my own version of intervention.  As a result I’ve imposed a 21.30 curfew on blogging. Previous to the curfew I would often write and research until gone midnight which with 3 very active children can not be healthily maintained for long.

I’ve also had an opportunity for a stand at a craft fair for free!  Which means I’ll get to showcase some of my craft stuff without having to invest any money.  This will be a great way for me to gauge how profitable it could potentially be without losing any money in the process!

This has meant I’ve been getting the crochet out again which has really helped me to relax more and stop obsessing over my blog stats. (And stop eating!)

Hydration:  I’ve decided to start being more healthy but the process will be slow as to say I love food is a serious understatement.  I’ve started by drinking more water.  The main focus being half a litre before breakfast and half a litre before bed.  I’ve managed 2 days on the trot now and feel better for it already.  My next goal is to start working on my diet but I’m taking it one thing at a time.

Work Schedule:  I’ve felt a bit all over the place with the blogging, like I’m just winging it and playing catch up as I remember various things I should be doing to promote abeautifulabode.  As a result I always feel like I’m chasing my tail.  This week I actually sat down and wrote out a weekly schedule.  This has given me more structure which as I’ve said before I totally thrive on!  The schedule means I’m only researching opportunities once per week instead of every night and setting up scheduled social media interaction once per week etc.  I’m also trying to edit pics one day per week too.  This means that I’m able to schedule in 4 nights off per week where I don’t blog at all.  As a result I’m getting some much needed down time with the husband or just to myself when he’s working.  In the long run I’m hoping it will prevent future burn out!

Quality not Quantity: I’m  rethinking how often I post on the blog.  In the past few months I’ve posted near enough every other day but I’m considering lowering this to twice per week which will free up some time to take better photographs and write better quality content.  My problem is I have so many ideas brimming that I want to do them all and do them now.  My new statement that I’m trying to remember is that abeautifulabode will still be here in years to come.  I’ve got years to write up all my ideas  and post them.  I just need to make sure I write them all down so I don’t forget!

Beauty Regime: With recently turning 30 I’ve thought a great deal about how I look especially with my new “stay at home mum” status and the newly discovered grey hairs.  Previously I was used to getting up and getting my face on and dressing for the office and I’m enjoying not needing to do that any more.  I’ve learnt to love my face again and have been researching lighter make-up application techniques and how to enhance what you’re happy with.  I’ll be honest most days I don’t wear any make-up just a good moisturiser and my skin is certainly looking better for it especially with the addition of my Luscious Lemon Scrub Pot to my beauty regime.  I’ve been using this a few weeks now and I’m really starting to feel a difference in my skin.  It feels healthier and less drab.  It could be the placebo effect but I’m rolling with it.  If it makes me feel good then I’m going to keep going with it.

Another new addition to the beauty regime is the Derma V10 Make-Off Mitt. As you can see from the photo below it’s a micro fibre mitten that requires only water to remove your make up.  I was a bit dubious at first but after using it I can honestly say I found it brilliant.  Although it’s designed to remove make up with only water I like using it after my face scrub as it’s super soft on the delicate new skin.  I like to run it under super hot water and place on my face to open up my pores and then gently wipe.  It’s a great way to finish off the spa like feel of the scrub.


The Derma V10 Make-Off Mitt is currently on trial in body care and is a total bargain at £1.  I think it would make a great stocking filler for Christmas or be a fantastic addition to any home made beauty hamper.  Plus it will never run out as you can wash it making it re-usable.  I plan to grab a few more so I can rotate them in the wash.

What are your beauty secrets?  Do you have any tips, tricks or hacks you want to share?

NB:  This was a sponsored post all photographs and opinions are my own

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