The Elusive Full Nights Sleep

Like many parents out there I really struggle with some of the unavoidable problems parents face.  The leaking bottle in the changing bag (yes I pre-made my bottles and no my baby didn’t grow an extra head as a result), sick down your back, a poo-nami (I can’t remember which blog this phrase came from but I’ve stolen it I’m sorry!) and the ever favourite weeing all over mummies knee mid nappy change.  This becomes even more infuriating and stressful when you have minimal sleep thrown into the mix.


There are a great many things set against us parents when it comes to the elusive “full nights sleep”.  Car alarms, teething, the ever present acid poo sure to strip even the most robust bottoms to a blotchy mess, but most infuriating of all is the lost dummy.  There’s nothing more entertaining than trying to hunt the elusive dummy down at 2 am only to discover, after 15 minutes of a screaming baby, that is in fact down the back of the cot and completely out of reach or strangely more infuriating is discovering it’s on the floor where you unceremoniously step on it and swear like a person with tourettes.

Long gone is the moment where you can quietly slip into the room and pop it back in then make a hasty escape before they realise you’ve even been there.  I see myself,  in these moments, as Catherine Zeta Jones in the film entrapment where, during the laser scene, she effortlessly and gracefully manoeuvres herself without detection.

However there are regular occasions where detection is imminent and the baby screams like a banshee because the dummy can not be found.  There is much fumbling on these occasions (very un-spy like) and swearing because I’ve stubbed my toe (that’s how graceful I am).

Nieve’s room is small which means by the time I’ve realised the dummy is down the back of the cot and used skills which can only be attuned to a contortionist to get the blasted thing, the whole house is more or less awake at the un-godly hour of 3.30am.

I’ve decided that it’s time to hang up my contortionist gear and call it a day.  I’ve bought lots, lots,lots more dummies to keep in the draw for such occasions.  I’ve also found myself in possession of a rather nifty device sure to help keep things running smoothly from here on out.

The Gro Company have kindly handed me one of their Gro Lights to test out.  I’ve got to say I’m pretty chuffed with it so far.  Initially I’ll be honest I was a bit blasé about it and it’s not something I would have thought to invest in but it’s definitely going on my hit list of top 5 things to buy when I write the post next week.

2015-08-27 21.14.49

Photograph of the product on delivery to my home

You can place the light in a ceiling or lamp and it attaches to the power source before your bulb.  You then hit the switch once for the Gro Light to come on and twice for the regular light.

The Gro Light  submits a soft glow which is un-obtrusive to a sleeping baby.  So if, like me last night, you had the leaky nappy from hell you don’t have to whack on the big light and make baby think that it’s morning only to try and get them back to sleep again completely confusing them and resulting in demonic possession.


Photograph from The Gro Company website

One of favourite things about this gadget is that you can adjust how bright the Gro Light is with a volume type switch.  This adjusts the intensity of the light submitted by the LEDs.

My initial reaction was that the £17.99 price tag was a bit steep however after using it these past few weeks I’d say it’s a must have for any parent and when compared to the price of a lamp is actually fairly reasonable plus in a small room like ours it means I can ditch the lamp freeing up some much needed space.  I just wish I’d had it during the night feeds as it would have made life much easier particularly as you could get away with leaving it on whilst baby is asleep almost like a night light.

If we were to have another baby this is definitely something I would invest in.  Just don’t let my husband hear me mentioning more children!

If you want to get your hands on one of these you can find them here

For more information on how the Gro Light is fitted including an instructional video by the company click here

I’m considering investing in another one of these to put in my bathroom light fitting as one of my boys is a sleep walker and night time toilet user.  This way he can find his way safely to the toilet and hopefully this will stop me slipping in wee first thing in the morning where he’s missed the loo in the dark.  Wish me luck!

Do you have a “can’t live without gadget” let us hear about it in the comments below.

NB: This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own.

3 thoughts on “The Elusive Full Nights Sleep

  1. Poonami comes from my blog! Well I’m guessing it has because I’ve not heard anyone else use the term! ☺️ I’m touched that you liked it so much you wanted to steal it! ☺️
    The GroLight seems like a great idea. I have all the problems you mention regarding digging for dummy should my son stir in the night. We have a night light on the landing but that doesn’t help in his room. May have to invest!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi I’m so glad you gave a shout out! if you send me a link to the post it comes from I’ll site in this post for you love that word gives me a right good giggle every time I think of it! They really are brilliant totally worth the money. Thanks so much for stopping by x


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