Luscious Lemon Scrub Pot

Get you’re very own spa feeling with this blast of citrus.  I give you the luscious lemon scrub pot.  Perfect for smoothing out your skin and detoxing pores.  Are you longing for that spa feeling?  Are you desperate to replenish your temple spa or Neal Yards stash but your bank card, sits in your purse idly mocking you, every time you dare to glance its way?

pic monkey


I have discovered the most amazingly easy and scrummy recipe for a face scrub ever.  I was really chuffed as I had all the ingredients in my cupboard already!  Got to love a freebie!

I heard on the grape vine that when you turn 30 (not literally on the day but around that age!) your skin looses it’s ability to shed dead skin cells as easily as it used to.  This is why it’s more important than ever to include a weekly scrub into your routine.

I tend to do a scrub, shave and hair wash all on the same day.  Too much information?  That way I know when my hair needs washing I need to exfoliate.  I have short hair so it tends to only need washing every 4-5 days.

The scrub itself smelled amazing and had a course texture to it which I like.  The texture was very similar to the St Ives apricot face scrub.  I decided to use caster sugar as it’s a finer grain however if you wanted this to be more of a body scrub you could use rock salt for a really rough scrub for fake tan prep?

After using my skin felt very soft and smooth and also had a nice glow to it.  The combination of lemon and coconut smell is amazing.

Eager for your own spa treatment yet?  Well hear it is.


20150821_123604method 2Add all of the ingredients into a bowl and mix until smooth.

It really is that simple only one step and your done.

I used a sieve for the sugar to get rid of any clumps.

I then potted up the mixture into glass jars.

I gifted one to myself (very important step not to missed out) and the others to my mum and sister.

These would make great teacher gifts at Christmas or end of school year.  Why not team it with some handmade face scrubbies for the ultimate handmade pamper hamper.


The Textured Face Scrubby

Good luck and please comment on how you get on if you give this a go.

This post was inspired by the recipe on All Things Mulligan.

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