Old School Victoria Sponge

There’s nothing quite like an old school Victoria sponge to ease yourself back into baking.  It’s relatively quick and easy and it always looks effective on the table.  It’s always going to be my go to cake!



The other thing I like about a Victoria sponge is that it’s not difficult to customise it.  Sure you have the traditionalist, that screams strawberry jam and cream but the rebel in me says think outside the box.  What about using lemon curd or be a total rebel and go for custard instead of cream (just make sure it’s good and thick so it doesn’t run everywhere!)  My inner (who am I kidding) outer screaming chocoholic junkie demands nutella or chocolate filling of some description.

With chocoholic placated with …….. well….chocolate.  I decided to go the traditional route this time and went all out with jam and cream.


2015-08-27 21.16.49(2)

method 2

Pre-heat your oven to gas mark 5 and prepare your cake tin.  I prepare mine by brushing it with oil or melted butter and placing a sheet of baking paper on the bottom of the tin this makes it much easier to remove.

Cream sugar and butter together until light and fluffy.

top tip butter 2

Once fluffy add in your eggs one at a time whisking whilst adding.  You want to get plenty of air into the mix and try not to allow the mix to split.

After adding the eggs gently fold in the flour.

flour tipOnce the flour has been gently added (to prevent loss of bubbles!) pour the mix into your prepared tin.

Bake on GM 5 for approximately 30 minutes.  Check the mix with a skewer to check that it is baked evenly the whole way through.

Once cool gently slice the cake in half and layer on your jam and cream.  Then replace the lid…………………………and………….


Beautiful. Traditional. Victoria Sponge.  Job Done.

2015-08-27 21.20.42

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