School Summer Holiday Blues

With the school summer holidays drawing to a close I’m pretty sure I’m not the only parent out there whose feeling like a wet rag.  The break in routine, although initially welcome, is a thorn in any parents side when it comes to managing a herd of mini me’s.

pic monkey

There are tantrums and boredom.  Days where they’re climbing the walls because its raining and they can’t understand why you can’t entertain them.  All you want to scream is “fine I won’t do any washing and you can just live in your dressing gown for the next week then!”  (If your kids are anything like mine this would only induce cheers of “yay pajama week!!!)

I’m super lucky to have a husband who is intuitive to my fluctuating moods and can often pick up when I’m heading for a total melt down.

There was a time I’d be ashamed to admit that I need me time but those days are long gone and so is the resounding guilt that would often accompany the shame.  Funny how the two seem to be good friends.

After 4 weeks of constant child interaction (my husband works long hours in varied shift patterns) and limited me time – Even my baths have been accompanied by poo seated discussions of “Are Australians cannibals mum?”My brain has been craving the quiet solitude of a walk away from it all.

I didn’t even know I needed it until the fella insisted I go and walk the dog and once out at Berry Head I knew it was exactly what I needed.  Winston (my none talking child) and I headed off into the woods and came out onto the cliffs and as the wind whipped and blew around my face it was as if my worries and stresses were worn away and carried off to sea never to be seen again.

There’s something really amazing about being in a wide open quiet area with nothing but nature around you.  I felt like I could literally feel the tension melting in my shoulders.  Whilst I was out there I decided to have a go at taking some pics and despite my comments in this post here I’m actually growing a little bit of love for photography.  I’m by no means great at it but I’m starting to see the attraction to it.  This picture below is of a hole in the cliffs leading to the sea.  It was making some very interesting noises which Winston was very perplexed by.  It kept me entertained for a good 10 minutes. (Small things).


I also attempted a snail selfie……excuse the hair it was very windy!  The result wasn’t that great so I just took a normal picture in the end the result of which is my first picture in this post.  It might only be a snail but the bugger wouldn’t keep still I was quite pleased with the end result.  I know really sad!

20150820_195548 (1)

To top it all off on the walk back to the car I also saw the rare Greater Horseshoe Bat that is resident in the woods up at Berry Head.  This was totally amazing.  I did attempt a photo however all I managed was a blur on the sky!

Whilst my walk was care free the journey home certainly wasn’t.  It was dark and raining by the time I left and I took the wrong turn down a country lane (they all look the same says my inner city girl) and ended up in Dartmouth which is quite a way from Paignton!  Luckily I had plenty of fuel and easily found my way back.  Winston snored through the whole thing!


What do you do to wind down?  Have you found the school holidays stressful?  Would love any ideas anyone wants to throw my way.

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