Torquay Super Car Weekend

This summer has seen many great days out so far Torquay Museum and Brixham Ferry RidePaignton FireworksTorbay Grand Prix just to name a few.  The Torquay Super Weekend was right up there with the best of them and best of all it was FREE!  (my fave word!)


The event was really well organised with representatives from all the major super car makes.  I won’t pretend to know what I’m talking about here.  All I’ll say is they were noisy and shiny.  Some were orange and some were yellow and they all had that nice new car smell!

2015-08-09 18.59.22 2015-08-09 19.05.44

There were also some random additions like people dressed up in star wars gear and planet of the apes.  I’m not sure what that’s got to do with super cars but the kids were all over it!  There were also some farm animals which left me even more confused but as the word they were all shouting was still FREE then as you can imagine I was all over it!


2015-08-09 19.06.57 2015-08-09 19.07.39

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