What a Corker

Today has been another absolute corker of a day out.  From Star Wars and Predator to Egyptian Mummies and Poirot Torquay Museum is a total Tardis of entertainment for adults and kids alike.

We started our day on the bus.  It was all a bit of a rush to get the picnic ready and organised but once on the bus everyone was happy.  Especially the boys who headed upstairs cause that’s where the cool kids hang out.


We arrived at the museum and purchased the tickets which now allow us entry to the museum for the rest of the year for free!!!  Total bargain.

There was so much cool stuff to see……. I’m a total nerd and use the word cool in the same way any nerd would!

20150801_11473720150801_122802Narwaul Tusk - Huge

Pics above left to right – Charles Darwin with Elephant Tusks, Woolly Rhino skull, Boys stood in front of a huge Narwaul Tusk!


Dressing up in all the old school hats.


After the museum we hit the park across the road for our picnic which included all things yummy!

We then took a stroll down to Torquay harbour and had our very first boat ride on the ferry from Torquay to Brixham.  At £3 for 4 of us it was the bargain of the day.  I only wish we’d done it sooner with the boys.  I’m a bit disgusted with myself that it’s taken me so long!


20150801_143421            20150801_143411

Land Ahoy!                                                                               Old School Hollywood Glamour

We ended the day the only way I know how…….with cake.  Costa was the place to be and coffee was my calling.  The kids had baby chinos with mini muffins all round.  Then it was back on the bus to Paignton for dinner, bath and bed.

Another amazing and exhausting day out in Torbay! Must have been all that sea air!

Summer Days

18 thoughts on “What a Corker

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  2. Oh bargain days out are great! This looks like a fabulous day out and I bet the children lived the ferry, ours used to love the one across the Mersey, but it’s more of a tourist attraction now and really expensive for what it is. Brilliant picture #ThisWeekIHaveLoved


  3. Wow what a wonderful day out. Looks and sounds fab and I’m like you, a piece of cake definitely rounds off a fab day. Love the old school hats and of course the Hollywood glamour! Thanks so much for linking up with #thisweekiveloved x


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