The Most Powerfullest Swear Word………………..Ever

I was driving along the other day.  Happily minding my own business when my eldest pipes up with “mum, do you know what the most power-fullest swear word is?”

As a mother it’s your job to be the fountain of all knowledge.  Or at least let them think that’s what you are.  With this in mind obviously my parent reply was “yes, why?  What do you think the most powerful swear word is?”………. that was my first mistake, right there.  I should have just said yes and moved on with another topic.  Total.  Rookie.  Mistake.

Darrell, my youngest boy, chips in with “it starts with C, shall I just say it?”

“No, don’t just say it” was my hasty reply.

Dylan, the eldest, is in the back of the car.  He’s disappointed it’s not his turn to be in the front.  Unfortunately this doesn’t stop him from throwing himself, full throttle, into attempting to spell the dreaded word.  Like cryptonite to superman I feel the colour drain from my face as he spells the word most parents dread, or his version of it.

“I think its spelt C-O-O-N-T, yea I think that’s right.  Is that how you’d spell it Darrell?” and to my horror a swear word spell-athon ensues.  Darrell politely corrects his brother that actually he thinks it’s spelt C-U-N-T, because, and I quote “it’s an UNT sound”.   Good old English,primary school, teaching coming into it’s own.  The dreaded word had a thorough “sounding it out” moment.

Dylan firmly agreed, with this estimation of spelling, at which point my wits had returned and I managed to explain to them that THAT word was so powerful even mummy called it the C word and that if I even thought they were thinking THAT word let alone saying it they’d loose every toy they own.

This conversation was swiftly followed by “A woman’s private is called a Virginia isn’t it mum?”…………………………………………………….. lord help me is 10am too early for wine?  It’s fruit juice right?

48 thoughts on “The Most Powerfullest Swear Word………………..Ever

  1. Oh no, is it totally wrong that I’m laughing?? Oh bless you, I’m dreading my kids being at the age when they know swear words! And the teacher in me loves the spelling bit! Thanks so much for linking up with #thisweekiveloved xx


  2. Haha!! Oh I am laughing out loud and have almost spilled my brew, how funny!?! However, I can imagine that it must have been awful for you to just listen to it – I would be totally at a loss. Nevertheless, it’s good to see that the primary education system is working ha! Fab post x


    • Hi Lisa thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment I’m so glad you liked it. It wasn’t pleasant at the time but I can totally laugh about it now. At least I know their education is working and they’re putting what they’re learning into everyday situations. Every cloud and all that lol x

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  3. Oh lol such a car ride!!! I’d have said the same thing. It’s crazy how kids learn all these bad words when they are still so young! Good thinkt hey can’t spell it right yet lol #BabyBrainMonday x


    • Hi Becky i know it’s something I’m finding hard to accept that there are all these other factors that can corrupt your children that you have no control over! (I’m a bit of a control freak!) but I’m trying to let it go with the help of lots of wine! thanks for popping by and commenting x


  4. Lol, very funny especially the swear word spell-athon – I definitely would have been cringing and wishing for wine along with you! Good job this conversation took place in the car and not out on the street! Well done for managing to regain control of the situation even if it did end with the “virginia” question! Thanks for linking up to #ftmob 🙂

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    • oh no I never even considered how much worst it could have been thank you that’s really put it into perspective. It definitely would have been even worst if it had taken place in the street! Thanks for hosting and for the twitter shout out really enjoyed your linky!


  5. LOL! I’m in fits of laughter! Kids and their innocence!! I’m not looking forward to Arjun being at that age – I’ll struggle to keep a straight face! Thanks for linking up to #babybrainmonday x

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  6. This is hilarious!! I love the spellathon. We’ve started a swear word chart, so Annie can see just how rude a swear word is when she hears a new one, luckily we’ve not gotten to that one yet!!!

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    • I’ve never heard of one of those before thats a really interesting approach as its much more open about it. Sometimes I wonder if the fascination with naughty words comes from the fact that we make them so taboo to children?? Thanks for popping by x


  7. I have had conversations like this recently and I am giggling so much now because it is great to hear about someone else’s conversations too. I don’t know how but I was asked the meanings of various swear words to which I managed to turn it (the F word) into a grammar lesson discussing its use as a verb or an adjective. My friends and I have now laughingly designed a whole grammar lesson on the topic. Great post. Thanks


    • hahah brilliant! My mum used to always drop the first few letters and say “kin ell” when she was talking about something dramatic. I think she thought this was the best way to manage profanity in front of us until we started mimicking her doing that too!!


  8. Bahahahaha, I do not envy you for having to go through this conversation.

    I used to be a youth worker and I heard a lot of these types of conversations and trust me, I still don’t know how to deal with them!!

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