Dermatique – For the Sensitive

I’ve never really considered myself the sensitive sort but I’ve been having a right good clear out this week and with it a blumming good clean.  There’s nothing more cathartic than chucking loads of stuff out and giving everywhere a good scrub so that the smell of citrus is thick in the air.  With this anti-hoarding movement comes dry and itchy skin.

The ensuing problem from this is that my hands then crack and sometimes bleed due to being in and out of water.  Most times I wear gloves but even this can cause them irritation, especially if even a tiny bit of water gets in there whilst I’m wearing them.  On top of this it’s summer which means the bottom of my feet resemble a well loved pair of flipflops.

All of the above are reasons why I was super excited to be accepted to review Dermatique Recuperating Cream.  That and the fact that I love pots of scrummyness to make me feel pampered!

The leaflet I received with the cream states that Dermatique gives relief for troubled skin using quality and effective formulas.  The leaflet specifies that the cream is good for treating eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, dry skin, acne and rosacea.

As you can see from the picture the texture is luxurious and thick but absorbs quickly without leaving any icky residue.  I particularly like the story behind the product.  The information leaflet tells it in the first 2 paragraphs and its described in a fairy story.  This is followed by more detailed information but the fact that I discovered the brand was originally developed for the founders daughter was comforting as surely it must contain the best ingredients?

Further reading explained that the cream was made using natural raw materials.

Overall I’ve been really pleased with the product and it’s results.  The first thing I did, automatically, when I opened the cream was sniff it.  Not a scent to be found which is perfect for sensitive skin.  Also it wasn’t “trying” to be scentless like some creams which just end up smelling like plasticine or glue this actually has no smell to it at all.  Which although brilliant is also kind of weird to get used to at first.

But I’m not complaining the stuff makes my skin feel amazing and my feet are looking more like fluffy slippers and less like flipflops.  Job well done!

NB:  I was given this product for free in exchange for an honest review.  All pictures and opinions are my own.

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