I’ve really been focusing on improving my photography recently.  I love a good picture but I’ll be honest I hate the whole process of taking a picture and editing it.

I love the end result but the process itself is excruciating.  I think that’s why I struggle with pictures.  It’s very hard to be good at something that you don’t particularly enjoy.

So I decided to take some time out and to take some pictures of the flowers I picked up from Aldi the other day.  Aldi has just opened across the road from me and it’s amazing!  I love these peonies I think they’re a flower that’s often overlooked but they bring an understated elegance to a bouquet.  I’ve teamed them up with some Sedam and English Lavender from my garden to try and get the country chic feel.  I’m desperate for a cottage vibe!

So here are the results.  Be gentle with me I’m still learning!

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  1. Peonies are gorgeous, and I especially love that first photo.

    I usually take flower photos on my phone because I can get up a lot closer (although my new macro lens arrives tomorrow which I’m so excited about). They’re so stunning, even though they can be so simple. I’m lazy though and avoid editing much at all! Too much effort (unless I need to lighten and compress for the blog). I’m amazed by how much time some people put in, but I suppose they use a lot of presets on things like Lightroom, whereas I just use picmonkey!

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    • I’m the same I’m just discovering pic monkey I’ve found it’s great for recipe posts to write over the picture so it’s more “pinable” on pinterest. I’m only using my phone camera at the moment as I don’t want to invest in a fancy camera I don’t understand how to use. I’m going to wait til I’ve got a bit more blogging mileage then maybe invest in the next 6 months or so. Let me know how you get on with the macro lens I might do that instead!


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