The Perfect Start To The Holidays………….

………. A trip to A&E

Today saw us take a trip, not to the local beach or park or even the fields round the back of our house.  No today saw us take a trip to A&E with my youngest boy, because my eldest decided to swing the scooter round cracking him on the elbow resulting in a golf ball type mass where his elbow used to be.

After much umming and aaahing and moving it this way and that we decided the dreaded trip was necessary and so off I went to sit it out.  Darrell was being super brave and I figured with GP practices still open and it being midweek we’d be in and out in no time.  How wrong I was.

There was a 4 hour wait to be seen after the initial assessment by the nurse.  I sat there and watched 4 hours of my life drain away that I’d never see again.  All the while watching people, who didn’t even look ill, being allowed in before us.  (I know I’m being callus they were probably really poorly!)

We were, however entertained.  There was the distressed and angry lady who was chased from A&E by security,  the elderly geordie couple having a domestic and then there was the interesting discussion with Darrell about why the man was handcuffed to the lady and “is that lady a police?”  I explained the man was a prisoner who had hurt himself to which Darrell very matter of fact stated “yea I bet he must have hit his head on the bars”.  It was the highlight of our visit.

Overall the treatment we received was amazing.  The staff were out of this world, especially the radiographer who made the whole process seem like a fun game and in the end the elbow was just badly bruised.  With a result like that and a four hour process I decided it was definitely call for a McDonald’s dinner, which resulted in smiles all round.

Lets hope that’s the last of the drama for the holidays and the rest of our trips involve museums, sand, animals and picnics.

15 thoughts on “The Perfect Start To The Holidays………….

  1. I thought when you go to A&E, kids are always given priority coz that was I noticed when i brought my son with a cut on a forehead once, although waiting for the doctor took ages, but at least they had already done their initial check-up. Anyway, Hope your little boy would feel better soon! #busydoinglife


    • Yea we had an initial check with the nurse 30 min after arrival then had to wait back in waiting area for few hours waiting for proper check from doctor took ages but all ended OK in the end. Thanks for reading and commenting


  2. Aw that’s not good. Our boy dislocated his elbow once and they saw us within ten minutes because he was clearly in a lot of pain (he’d gone all limp!) That said my friends who happened to be there at the same time with a poorly hot baby hadn’t been seen in hours – it’s down to what the triage thinks I guess. They must have known your boy was super brave and could cope with a wait while other poorly people were seen xxx


  3. Oh no, boys eh!! Glad it wasn’t anything serious but what a long wait, thank goodness for the entertainment! We recently had to go to hospital with my little boy, not A+E but the kids ward. We got there at midday and it was 1130pm by the time we left…I was losing the will to live!! #busydoinglife


    • Hi Karen He’s fine now, thanks. He took great delight in informing his big brother that “did you know baddies don’t wear black and white stripes in prison they wear red” hahaha. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment


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