Luscious Lemon Scrub Pot

Get you’re very own spa feeling with this blast of citrus.  I give you the luscious lemon scrub pot.  Perfect for smoothing out your skin and detoxing pores.  Are you longing for that spa feeling?  Are you desperate to replenish your temple spa or Neal Yards stash but your bank card, sits in your purse idly mocking you, every time you dare to glance its way?

pic monkey


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Old School Victoria Sponge

There’s nothing quite like an old school Victoria sponge to ease yourself back into baking.  It’s relatively quick and easy and it always looks effective on the table.  It’s always going to be my go to cake!



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School Summer Holiday Blues

With the school summer holidays drawing to a close I’m pretty sure I’m not the only parent out there whose feeling like a wet rag.  The break in routine, although initially welcome, is a thorn in any parents side when it comes to managing a herd of mini me’s.

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Guest Post: Our Rach

I recently read an amazing post by Rachel Hawkins, the creative mind behind the blog ourrachblogs.  The post covered her experiences of birth and the aftermath and is entitled “my story”  it started out as a way of expressing how Rachel felt but she had great feedback (I’m not surprised it’s a great piece)

I contacted Rachel in the hopes that she would agree to guest post on her experience here for abeautifulabode and to my delight she said yes!

Our aim is to reach a wider audience with both blogs hitting the subject matter at hand.

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My Week In Pics #1

I’ve been trying to think of ways to document what’s gone on in my week as well as being able to link up to a variety of photo linkys and then it hit me or rather someone else’s amazing blog did!  I’m ashamed to say that I can’t remember whose it was to credit them here.  (If you know then please message me so I can put a link in!) But I loved their idea of documenting the week in pictures.

So here it is short and sweet and for me to be able to reflect back on in years to come.  My week in pictures………

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Torquay Super Car Weekend

This summer has seen many great days out so far Torquay Museum and Brixham Ferry RidePaignton FireworksTorbay Grand Prix just to name a few.  The Torquay Super Weekend was right up there with the best of them and best of all it was FREE!  (my fave word!)


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Top 5 Tips For Working Mums

working mums

When your a mum and working full time it’s really tough.  You’re the bread winner, the mum, cook, cleaner and a million other things.

Finding the work life balance is really hard.  I juggled for 2 years whilst working full time and prior to that I did 3 years full time at university with a 2 hour bus journey there and back.  So I can totally sympathise with anyone trying to maintain the balance.

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Simple White Loaf Recipe


If you’ve read my DIY Flatbreads recipe you’ll know exactly how I feel about baking bread and in particular my thoughts towards Paul Hollywood.  However with bake off back on the TV menu I thought I’d face my demons with another bread challenge.  This time the simple white loaf.

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Weekend In Pictures

This weekend we had a blast from sitting in my mums hot tub to hitting the local beach and the kids have really enjoyed themselves too……

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Magisterium – The Copper Gauntlet

a-letterbox-stuffed-with-first-and-second-class-lettersSo today I heard the familiar sound of the postman popping something in our porch.  This immediately tells me this is not a bill drill.

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