Top 10 List for Harry Potter Fans

In our house we are Harry Potter fanatics.  Whenever it’s a rainy day you can be sure that we go into Harry Potter marathon mode complete with capes and Dumbledore attire.


Today being disgustingly wet was no exception.

So out of the dressing up box came the capes and on went Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone.

As Harry Potter fans we often discuss our favourite film but today I thought I’d shake it up a bit and instead we had a deep discussion about what every potter fan should do.

The Harry Potter Film Marathon

Every true Potter fan will have completed at least one film marathon.  This usually involves watching every film back to back in one session allowing breaks for food and toilet.  This is our rainy day go to film extravaganza and almost always involves tasty snacks and pyjamas
Read All The Books At Least Once

I was really lucky, when the boys were younger they watched the films but weren’t as obsessed as they are now that they’re older.  This meant that I never really sat and watched the films properly until they were all out.  This gave me plenty of time to read all the books before watching any of the films.  Once I’d read them all so commenced number one in this list.

Host a Harry Potter Themed Event 
We haven’t done this yet but it’s scheduled for later this year as our Halloween party.  Make sure you check back for all my tutorials and general overview of how everything went.  you can also check out my PINTEREST BOARD named Halloween Craft and Crochet for all my party ideas.

Favourite Book
For me this is and always will be The Goblet of Fire.  It’s when you first start to realize that there’s more to Ron and Hermione’s relationship and the games and other schools bring an added excitement to the book.  It comes in equal place with The Half Blood Prince which is where I feel the books takes a bit more of a dark turn and is catered towards an older audience.  For me it’s where it starts to “get real” or as real as any wizard book involving magical schools, dragons and 3 headed dogs can get.

Favourite Film
For me book and film favourites are not the same.  The film favourite goes to the last film with it’s epic fight scenes and amazing backing music you really feel the characters adventure but there’s still some great comic moments in with the drama and of course the emotional scenes with Harry’s parents.

Dress Up as a Harry Potter Character
Even if all this involves is getting out your eye liner and drawing the legendary scar and glasses on your face so, for just a moment, you can be “THE CHOSEN ONE”.  Every Potter fan should have done this at least once.

Point Your Pretend Wand 
Pretend wands include but are not limited to a stick, chop stick or pens
Whilst waving your wand it is encouraged for you to shout one or all of the following
wingardium leviosa
expecto patronum

or any other potter related spells along with whooshing sound effects for good measure.

Favourite Character
This is always a topic of great debate in our house.  Will it go to the unsung hero Snape? The Twins for their humour, Neville for his bravery or Dobbey for his unfaltering loyalty.  For me it will always be Snape.  Even right until the end you’re wondering whose side he’s really on.  Then you see the depth of his love for Harry’s mum, with his matching patronus and know he was on our side all along, what a total ledge!  For Darrell as you can see below its Dumbledore.  This is the outfit I made him for World Book Day.  It did have a beard but he’s worn it so much it’s pretty much fallen apart!

Best Harry Potter Quote
There are two for me.  Ron’s mum spouting “not my daughter you bitch” to Bellatrix will always be amazing as well as Snapes famous “Always” moment.

Best Scene
Last but by no means least is the best scene and its a real tough call.  One of my favourites is when all the teachers and parents are standing outside the school shooting protective spells, as it looks so beautiful.  Another favourite is in the first Harry Potter when Harry sees Diagon Alley for the first time or the first time you see the Weasley’s house but I think the clear winner overall is when Professor Mcgonagall calls the stone sentinels to “do their duty to our school” in the final film The Deathly Hallows Part Two.

Are you a huge Harry Potter fan like we are?  What are your favourites or have you done something a little bit Harry Potter mad?  Share share share in the comments.  It helps to know we’re not the only lunatics out there!!

13 thoughts on “Top 10 List for Harry Potter Fans

  1. YES! Ok maybe not quite as much as you but yes!! I too read all the books back to back until i then queued up for whatever the latest one was, at midnight! And I then watched all the movies once the books were finished. I still prefer the books to the movies but just love the whole Harry Potter thing! When Zach is old enough, I a,m totally going to do some of the above with him! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday


  2. We are Harry Potter fans here too! Last night we decided to do a marathon, not like you though. Last night we watched the first film, tonight will be the second and so on! I think another to add to the list is going to the warner bros studio, we went 2 years ago and still talk about it now! 🙂 #mummymonday


  3. I was also going to suggest a trip to the Studio or, if you’re really feeling flush, the theme park at Universal in Florida. Both are magical. (One’s near us, the other’s near family. We’re not that flush!) #mummy mondays

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  4. I am a huge Harry Potter fan but Mr H doesn’t get it. However, we did go on the Harry Potter studio tour the other week and had the most amazing time. The tour made me really want to watch all the films again and read all the books. But i think I am agreement with you… Snape is my favourite character. Although I do also love Hermione and Professor McGonagal. And my favourite book and film is the Prisoner of Azkaban. I love the fact that it is much darker in tone and I think the introduction of Sirius Black is genius. Thanks for reminding me how fabulous Harry Potter is. And sorry it has taken me so long to comment. We’ve just moved house and I’ve been without the internet for a week or so. Hugs Mrs H xxxx #TwinklyTuesday

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    • No don’t worry about commenting it’s lovely to have your thoughts but moving house is super stressful! The studio tour is on my hit list really hoping to go this year. Jk Rowling is a total genius through and through xx


  5. I love this post and it is perfect as I went on the Studio tour the other week. It is amazing. You have to go! I love Snape too and I think it is genius that his true personality is only revealed at the very end. But I also have a soft spot for McGonagal and Hermione. That scene when Hermione removes herself from her parent’s memories is heart breaking. And my favourite book and film is the Prisoner of Azkaban. I love the fact that it has a much darker tone. And the entrance of Sirius Black is fantastic. I now need to go and re-read all the books and organise a Harry Potter watching marathon. #TwinklyTuesday. I am sorry that it has taken me so long to comment. I have just moved house and been without an Internet connection. A complete tragedy. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

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