How to Rationalize Nocturnal Cleaning

I wanted to write a post to find out if I’m the only loony out there or if other people also deem it acceptable to clean at ungodly hours????

I find that if I don’t do this the house forever looks as above.  (NB this is not a dramatization!)

Is it just me or is it a great stress buster to whip the vacuum round when the kids are in bed.  To clean and clean to your hearts content without being followed around and harassed or have a screaming baby in the back ground that your trying to ignore.

There’s something really satisfying about sitting down at 22.30 looking around your home, breathing in the scent of febreeze, knowing your house is lovely and clean and will stay that way until at least 7.00 am tomorrow.  Of course this magic will be broken when the rabble awakes and the baby poos in her nappy and suddenly the house feels “lived in” again.  But until that time comes I get a real satisfaction from sitting there……….exhausted but satisfied.  Feeling that my house looks as I imagined it would, in my idealistic days before the children came.

I find, when I don’t do this nocturnal ritual of mine, I feel far more stressed throughout the day.  Like I need a hundred arms to manage every task.  Everything seems more difficult and more exhausting.

I’ve often wondered…..Is it possible I have a problem?  But I think if a bit of cleaning activity in the evening makes me feel less like this.

And more like this ……………..

Then where’s the harm.  I’m happier and more in control (or happier because I feel more in control?!?!) and as a result everyone else is happier too.  Does anyone else agree?  Am I totally on my own and a complete lunatic?  This is something my husband tells me often!!

2 thoughts on “How to Rationalize Nocturnal Cleaning

  1. Mine is doing the laundry! I find it so therapeutic to whizz around and get it all done when babies in bed, though I also can’t wait to crash on the sofa after I’ve done that haha. #mummymonday


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