Feeling the Stretch

I was really unlucky with my boys that I was plagued terribly with stretch marks.  My mum often likes to tell me that she’s had 4 children and never suffered with them…….lucky her. (salt and wound spring to mind).  I was not so lucky and to say my belly resembles a prune is no understatement.

I was fine all the way through my first baby until about 7 months in when I discovered my first little pink crease.  I cried in the shower for 20 minutes.  I was only 21 and single at that time (a story for another day).  After the discovery of the first mark there were many more to follow, soon I stopped getting upset and solemnly accepted that my bikini days were over.  Also over, was the possibility of any future intimacy with the opposite sex, or so I thought.  Who would want me now, hideous as I was, with my tissue paper belly?  Clearly this didn’t prove too much of an issue, as I’m now happily married and have another 2 children.  My husband obviously has a thing for tissue paper………lucky me!

I’ve never really put much thought into getting rid of the stretch marks.  I’ve just come to accept that they are now apart of who I am.  That doesn’t mean I’m not conscious of them.  I’ve not worn a bikini in nearly 10 years.  But they don’t rule me the way they used to, which is a testament to my relationship with my husband.

However that doesn’t mean to say that I wouldn’t love it for someone to wave a magic wand and make them magically disappear.  Which is why I was really excited to give the Insta Natural Stretch Mark & Scar Cream a go.  I figured why not?  It’s currently $23.95 on Amazon (normally $49.95) I feel this is quite pricey and more than what I would normally pay for a moisturiser (I’m more of a share the kiddies baby lotion kind a gal) but I’ve been pretty impressed with it so far.

I’ve been using it for the last 14 days and as you can see from the horrific before and after pics (read my previous, related post  “Look What I’ve Got”  to understand how the pictures came to be and my shame) the results are pretty good.

Yes the stretchmarks are still there and are still visible but I do feel as though they’re less red/purple, is that just wishful thinking and all in my head?  Also, what you can’t see in the picture, is the way my skin feels.  It feels tighter and much more firm.  The cream itself is lovely to use.  Not too sticky or greasy and it sinks in/drys really quickly.  I’ve no time to be hanging around morning and night to wait for it to sink in!

I’m also very particular about the smell of a product for instance I’m not a big fan of anything to thick and cloying like coco or anything to musky or flowery like white musk or Lilly of the Valley but this smells very light and fruity in a non hubba bubba/lip salve that you want to eat kind of way!


Overall I think this product is worth looking at if your stretchmarks and scars are affecting the way you feel about yourself.  However I also think it’s important to try and accept yourself for who you are and be comfortable in your own skin.  This cream isn’t going to give you your pre-pregnancy body back but it did make me feel better about myself.  I felt like by introducing something this precious into my daily routine it would be frivolous to not continue to look after myself throughout the day ie plenty of water and fruit etc.  Thus the cream has inspired me to be more healthy.

Would you use this cream or one like it?  Have you used similar products and had good/bad experiences share it all in the comments section.

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