Torbay Grand Prix


Sunday saw us head off to Torre Abbey for the Pedal Car Grand Prix and what an amazing afternoon it was.  From bouncy castle fun, homemade sweets, the race itself, birds of prey, classic cars and so much more the kids didn’t know where to look first.  I even got a win on the tombola! A lemon scented candle.  It cost me £4 but I don’t care I never win anything.  Although I did feel that for £4 the candle should surely me able to make me a brew as well as give me light?

We did the day on the cheap.  The boys were allowed £5 out of their spends, a great system I use to help save me money on trips like this.  You can find out more about that here.

We did a picnic on the green whilst watching the pedal car race.  The rest I’m going to leave to the photos cause they pretty much lay it all out.  An amazing day and hopefully a show of what’s to come over the summer holidays!

2 thoughts on “Torbay Grand Prix

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