Field Fun


Today was beautiful.  One of those rare precious days where nothing was planned and yet it slotted together and synchronised perfectly.  It started out warm so I decided we’d get the dog walked early, before it got too hot and so off to the field we went
Winston Enjoying the Shade

It was great to get down to the fields early as it gave the kids chance to blow off some steam climbing the trees and just generally running a muck!  At our field there’s a lovely tree that we’ve named “the climbing tree”.  It’s pretty self explanatory why the kids love it so much and Winston loves it for the shade as you can see!

The Climbing Tree
Dylan Climbing the Tree

Both boys love climbing the trees.  Darrell decided he wanted to take his Chinese mask with him, that he’d made at school and enjoyed telling me that, when he wears it backwards, he has eyes in the back of his head!

Overall it was a great morning.  When we got home the kids picked the gooseberries from our bush and I made some jam.  Click here to see what a disaster that turned out to be.  After a lovely morning we had gooseberry jam sandwiches for lunch then headed to my mums, just down the road, so I could do some more work on the veggie patch.  If you want to hear more on this and get a “what not to do guide” you can check out  part one here.

Darrell Wearing his Mask

We also had a little check on our sloe berry supply.  They’re looking good but definitely not ready for picking just yet.

Green Sloe Berries

It was clear when we got back that we had one seriously tired lady!

Sleeping Beauty
Wide Awake at Nannys
…..more cuddles
To finish off a fab day we had a yummy dinner then baths and curled up on the sofa with snacks and duvets for movie night.  Perfect end to a perfect day.  And it was all free!  What free things do you like to do of a weekend?

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