Greenhouse Goddess #1

This is a new feature for me.  The beginning of a new adventure that I wanted to share with you.

I’ve always been interested in growing, foraging and making from scratch.  This is partly because it’s cheap but also because I feel there’s a deep satisfaction in taking a raw material and making it your own.  With this in mind you don’t get much rawer (not sure that’s a word but on 3 hours sleep we’ll roll with it!) than a seed.

The seed is where it begins.  A small thing that within a short space of time will be transformed a hundred times over into something delicious.  From a small seed can grow a beetroot which in turn will become a salad lunch (the leaves), a roasted vegetable or something pickled.  You can even make beetroot cake (a twist on a carrot cake), chutney, soup …….. the possibilities are endless and all from a seed………amazing!

I’ve been trying to work out for some time how I’m going to grow my own veg as space in the garden is limited and there’s the added issue of the dog peeing on everything.  This problem was solved recently when my parents moved in just up the road and their house came ready prepared with a greenhouse and vegetable patch.

The seeds have been bought, the greenhouse cleared and the vegetable patch weeded…..ish

This is the beginning of a very exciting journey for me and I would love to share it with you.

It may be, quite possibly most likely will be, a total disaster.  But I’m not ashamed.  It’s a learning curve and with all the amazing gardening blogs out there I’m happy to be the one that shows you what not to do, especially if you entertained along the way.  I’m looking for happiness in the simple and healthy tastiness in the homegrown.

So here goes.  Look out B&Q I’m on my way and you’d better have a sale on!!

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