Budget Country Chic

So last weekend was the big bash.  I turned the big 3 0.  I’m not entirely convinced that this is a cause for celebration but putting that aside I put on my party face and started to get organised.

The predominant focus of the day had been food.  Mainly because I love to eat, as does my family, so that was where the priority lay.  However as the day came I realised I hadn’t given much thought to how it would all look and this can have a big impact on the overall feel and atmosphere of a party if not taken into consideration.
When we’d finished setting up I looked at the tables and it occurred to me that there was definitely something missing.

I’m a huge fan of country chic.  I LOVE the whole cottage vibe (something difficult to achieve in a 1960’s semi detached)

As I looked around my garden a brainwave suddenly hit me.  I had, the previous week, obtained some lavender from my Nan’s next door neighbour (they are about to take out their bushes which are in full bloom and the scrounger in me jumped at the chance to grab a great big bunch…….for FREE!!!).

Taking the hundreds of jars I have been saving for preserving I began…..

  • I started by filling all of the jars with water
  • I then measured string into lengths to wrap around the jars.
  • I tied the string around the jars in a bow.
  • Next, I took a handful of lavender and stood it up next to the jar, to judge how much I needed to cut from the end.
  • If your having a go at this don’t worry about cutting the lavender exactly the same size as variation in length will add texture and depth to the piece.

I placed one jar on each table along with more jars filled with tealights for later in the evening.

Other decoration on the day included:

  • tealights in jars on tables and in my window boxes which hang on the walls of my garden (great “mood setters”)
  • Christmas lights which were dug out from the depths of my mums garage and pipe tied to the gazebo
  • vintage inspired paper chains made using a kit from home bargains

Homegrown or wild flowers and plants are a great and cheap way to decorate your home and/or party.  Other options could be, elder flowers, holly(great for Christmas displays), wild garlic, iris as well as any and all herbs because they make the home smell so nice!

Do you have a cheap and easy way to decorate a party you want to share?  Leave your comments and links to your blogs below.

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