Early to Bed – Magisterium #1

If you read my first post book addict with a sleep problem.  You’ll know sleep hasn’t been coming easy to me recently.  This has led to serious increase in caffeine as well as sugary food and overall sluggishness. In fact to say that I look and feel like a slug in a sleeping bag most days is not an exaggeration.

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The Perfect End to a Busy Day

It’s all go in Torbay at the moment with the summer holidays upon us and now carnival week has started.  For some this will be a nightmare.  Commuters will be cursing the dreaded grottle who have travelled here in their masses (that’s holiday makers to anyone not living in the seaside zone).


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Book Addict with a Sleep Problem

For as long as I can remember I’ve been a reader.  Not just a little bit of a reader but a really big reader.  I can remember at aged 8 my dad coming into my room, looking at my book covered bed and asking me which book I was reading and me replying, all of them.  In my collection, of ongoing reads, I had Amelia Jane, The Fantastic Five and Milly Molly Mandy to name a few.  If I couldn’t decide I’d just read them all a few pages, each, at a time.  My dad was bewildered.  I’m not surprised, as an adult I’m pretty bewildered how I managed it too.

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Top 10 List for Harry Potter Fans

In our house we are Harry Potter fanatics.  Whenever it’s a rainy day you can be sure that we go into Harry Potter marathon mode complete with capes and Dumbledore attire.


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How to Rationalize Nocturnal Cleaning

I wanted to write a post to find out if I’m the only loony out there or if other people also deem it acceptable to clean at ungodly hours????

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Shared Parental Leave – I don’t like to share

As I’ve made clear in my title I don’t like to share.  Whether it’s time with my husband or my kids, chocolate or wine.  It doesn’t really matter what it is I don’t like sharing.  That doesn’t mean to say that I won’t share.  Growing up with 3 sister,s sharing becomes apart of every day life very quickly and I can do it.  I just choose not to when I can.

Some would call this selfish.  I would call it honest.  Be honest with yourself, when your child wants that last cupcake but you’ve been eyeing it up for a brew later, when they’re in bed.  There’s the stand off where you try and think of a reasonable excuse as to why they can’t have it that doesn’t involve you looking peevish.  We’ve all been there.

This is why I’m so glad that the shared parental leave came into play after little Noo was born.  There was no argument or discussion because sharing the maternity leave wasn’t an option for us.  However I’m interested to explore the concept.

Previous to my maternity life I worked as a manager for a care company in the home care department.  Whilst my job was stressful it was also very satisfying and I know a number of women who have shortened their maternity leave dramatically, opting to put their children into nursery in order to return to their careers.

In all honesty there was a time when I would have done the same.  I think it’s interesting the way gender roles might now be changed now that the shared parental leave is an option.

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Feeling the Stretch

I was really unlucky with my boys that I was plagued terribly with stretch marks.  My mum often likes to tell me that she’s had 4 children and never suffered with them…….lucky her. (salt and wound spring to mind).  I was not so lucky and to say my belly resembles a prune is no understatement.

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Torbay Grand Prix


Sunday saw us head off to Torre Abbey for the Pedal Car Grand Prix and what an amazing afternoon it was.  From bouncy castle fun, homemade sweets, the race itself, birds of prey, classic cars and so much more the kids didn’t know where to look first.  I even got a win on the tombola! A lemon scented candle.  It cost me £4 but I don’t care I never win anything.  Although I did feel that for £4 the candle should surely me able to make me a brew as well as give me light?

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Ugly Yummy Gooseberry Jam

This post is all about the smallest haul of gooseberries in all of gooseberry history (OK maybe a slight exaggeration for dramatic effect) and how this small haul became quite possibly the ugliest jar of jam…………ever.

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Field Fun


Today was beautiful.  One of those rare precious days where nothing was planned and yet it slotted together and synchronised perfectly.  It started out warm so I decided we’d get the dog walked early, before it got too hot and so off to the field we went
Winston Enjoying the Shade

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