My Wonderful Woolly World: Karen Malledent

I’d like to introduce the amazing Karen Malledent from WonderWoollens as this weeks guest writer.  Her post My Wonderful Woolly World is a great introduction into the world of spinning and dying your own wool/yarn.



For more of an insight into Karen’s craft why not head over to her ETSY shop WonderWoollens for some fantastic examples of what can be done with homespun yarns.  You can also check out Wednesday’s post to see my favourite Karen Malledent creation and share your favourite with us.

My Wonderful Woolly World By Karen Malledent Guernsey, CI

It all started when my Mum taught me to knit and my Nan taught me to crochet, when I was about six years old. Then about twenty five years ago I bought my first spinning wheel (a non-functional antique). I found some local spinners who took one look at my wheel and laughed, saying ‘that’ll never work!’

Once I’d recovered from the shock, I was invited to join the group and they started me off on a hand spindle. I mastered it quite quickly but I still wanted to spin on a wheel so they gave me the necessary contacts and I bought my first modern wheel from George Weil Craft Supplies in Guildford– a Joy made by Ashford in New Zealand, which folded for travel.

Ashford Joy Spinning Wheel

I absolutely fell in love with spinning. Once I mastered the basic skill, I found it such a relaxing and therapeutic craft.

It opened so many possibilities to create yarns to suit my own needs – from fine to thick, smooth to textured, soft and lofty to firmly spun with high twist. With so many different fibres to spin and blend together, the possibilities are endless.

Obviously there are all the different breeds of sheep the following being some of my favourites:
Bluefaced Leicester

Then there are the other animal fibres:
Alpaca (another favourite)
Angora Bunny

Then there are also vegetable fibres:
Ramie (from stinging nettles)
Seacell (from seaweed).

I love the way that handspun yarn adds more character to my finished items.

I find working with natural fibres far more pleasing than commercial yarns and when I started dyeing my handspun yarn, I discovered that I could make truly unique items.

I opened my Etsy shop, WonderWoollens, about five years ago to sell my hand spun items.

Below is an example of a recent creation in my shop– a handspun, hand-dyed, knitted shawl.  For more examples hit the link above to my shop.

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  1. Hi thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment it’s always lovely to receive positive feedback. I hope to see you here again soon. I’ve got a lemon drizzle recipe due out on the 13th of this month so watch this space! x


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