The Crochet Journey Continues

My internal dialogue’s got Rick Astley on repeat “NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP”  as I continue to battle for the perfect baby shoes.






I’ve decided a back to basics approach is needed.  I still want to live the crochet dream, because I’m as stubborn as they come and failure is not an option……….plus those baby shoes are really sweet and I want some!!! As you can see my attempt leaves much to be desired!

After the stress (and related cramp) of making the baby shoes I was temporarily put off the crochet scene, which is why I haven’t posted anything for a while.  I then re-visited my efforts and decided to attempt something less ambitious and take a step back.  For this I went back to basics with another amazing tutorial from you tube this time with iheartstitching. I attempted to make a scarf, which can’t be all that bad as my sister is currently sporting it about Paignton.

First attempt at a scarf!


Close up of stitches

I have discovered from this make that the larger the crochet hook the easier it is.  Since making this I have now gone on to attempt a headband/ear warmer with rose detail.  There are still a few kinks to work out but its the first thing I’ve made without an actual pattern or tutorial (I used a tutorial for the rose from bhooked crochet)

With these new creations under my belt and a new found confidence I feel ready to re-attempt the baby shoes.  I’ve found a pattern I like with hopefullyhoney.  This will also be my first time using a written pattern rather than a video tutorial.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress. I’m determined to make something half decent for Nieve to wear before she’s walking!! Here’s how they should look it’ll be interesting to see if I can match it!


Please see belbow for links to tutorials used.

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