Epic Crochet Fail!

Since having baby number three I’ve been all consumed by the urge to make her some little shoes.  It was this urge that drove me to keep trying and mean that eventually I could go from these green monstrosities to some thing she could actually wear.


If there was ever an example of why you need to persevere with something its the before and after shots of the shoes above to the ones below.  Made 18 months apart both by me.  Its not until I write this that I’m realising just how far I’ve come on this journey.  In January 2015 I had no idea that this little hobby would take off and become so much more.  My last sale was to Croatia.  I feel so….so……international.  I’m not quite hitting this heights of Sir Richard Branson but I feel like it’s a pretty impressive accomplishment in a very short space of time and for one of the first times in my life (melodramatic) I feel proud of myself that though small this business is mine and I’ve built it myself with no training.  Just lots and lots and lots of reading and practising.



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As you can see from the slide show I think I’ve finally mastered the shoes!  I love that there are so many different styles and colours to suit every taste.  Want to get your hands on a pair of custom made baby shoes?  Pop me a message over on my Facebook page

I’ve watched a number of tutorials explaining various stitches and its worth mentioning that prior to attempting shoes, for the first time, I just sat and practised the stitches until I was more comfortable and had gained a rhythm.  I found it difficult to begin with and was very “fingers and thumbs” but once I’d worked on the stitches, in a repetitive way, this became easier.

After watching lots of crochet baby shoe tutorials I found this one to be the easiest to follow for  a beginner.  The woman filming is very repetitive in her instruction but this only works to aid the completion of the task.

The main difficulties I had were the ability to differentiate between the stitches as well as the ability to keep count (Nieve was not yet sleeping through so counting 9 stitches more difficult than I anticipated at the time!) and the ability to make the shoes the exact same.  You can see from the photo below that one shoe is larger than the other however I’m still pleased with the outcome as a first attempt at crocheting.

The pattern advises use of  a 4mm hook for size 0-3 months however the largest size I had was 3mm.  I think this is probably why the detailing on the front of the shoe is less defined than the shoe in the video.

Whilst the shape of the shoe is good I have found that they don’t stay on Nieve’s feet all that well.  However I think that this has more to do with my ability to follow the pattern in the tutorial and less to do with the pattern itself  as the opening to the shoe is less defined in my shoe when compared to the video.

For Shoes that stay better on babies feet I find the designs with ties or straps work best as they hold the shoe onto the foot better.


I remember throughout my first time (crocheting) I often became frustrated and could regularly be heard growling in the corner of the living room.  I would repeatedly find myself holding the crochet at ridiculous and uncomfortable angles, my arms moving with a will of their own with no reasoning for this other than I was trying to pick up a bloody loop.  After copious swearing and my left hand becoming “the claw” (children of the nineties who’ve seen liar liar with Jim Carey will relate!) I finally finished the shoes and enjoyed the feeling of satisfaction at admiring something I had created myself.  The satisfaction was relatively short lived as the following day I realised, with great disappointment, that the buggers don’t actually stay on her feet.  However, I  did not become deterred, for a first attempt I was pleased with the end result and continued in practising my new craft and attempting my next project!

Have you made something similar that you want to share?  Do you have a suggestion for my next project suggestions welcome in the comments box below.



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