The Best Chilli Ever

quote-pain-is-temporary-glory-lasts-forever-george-best-71-53-59Today’s my first day winging it, on my own, on maternity leave.  In the words of slip knot……KICK UP THE PAIN!  Do you ever have that internal dialogue of random songs that exemplify everything going on on the inside?  No?  Just me then.


Ok so the George Best quote is a tad dramatic as is the slip knot reference but your getting where I’m at right?  Mr Dunn’s reluctantly gone back to work today and so I find myself completely out numbered on a 3:1 ratio and ever so slightly terrified that my 2 week old might do something radical and I won’t know what to do.  My plan for the day?  Copious amounts of this bad boy.  Oh and a spot of blogging of course!


Whilst on my blogging journey I’ve been fully educated in the wide variety of social media available.  My new favourite has to be pinterest.  This amazing resource has caused me to literally loose hours in what feels like a blink of an eye, 314 garden hacks later and I realised I should probably think about feeding Nieve and doing some actual house work.

During one particular eye blink session of pinterest, during my search for the perfect vegetable patch, I came across a recipe posted by pinkwhen claiming to be “the best chilli recipe” and was immediately sucked in.  After careful review I realised it was an American chilli recipe, which I’ve found can be tricky with measurements and ingredients.  With this in mind I’ve decided to put my own spin on this chilli and use the original “best chilli ever recipe” for inspiration.  Photo credits also go to pinkwhen, whilst my chilli looked like this my photos did not!

I served the chilli with white rice but I would also recommend:
chilli and chips
baked potato and chilli with grated cheese
chilli for dipping
chilli with tortilla chips and sour cream
chilli and salad
chilli and crusty bread for dunking
The delicious possibilities with this dish are endless!  Have I said chilli enough yet?  Can you tell I’m trying to rank high in the google search bar for the word chilli?
This is a great family meal as its cheap but still uses 5 different types of vegetables and that’s not counting the tinned tomatoes!  Which totally count as one of your five a day.
This chilli serves between 6 and 8 people depending on what your serving it with and your portion sizes.  It’s also great for freezing and slow cooker use.
I’ve listed below a rough guiding of what this recipe cost me (2016 prices).  All ingredients were purchased from Lidl in Torquay apart from the spices which I already had to hand.


500g beef mince £1.75

4 table spoons tomato puree £0.35 per tube

1 400g tin of chopped tomatoes £0.45

1 carton or jar of passata £0.45

1 beef stock cube £0.99 per packet of oxo cubes

1 diced red pepper £1.39 per pack of 3

1 diced green pepper as above

2 cloves of garlic finely chopped £1.50 per pack of 3 garlic bulbs

1 diced large onion £0.75 per pack of 4 onions

1 diced red onion £0.99 per bag of 8 small red onions

olive oil £2.00 per bottle

1 400g tin of kidney beans £0.55

2 tea spoons ground cumin

2 tea spoons chilli powder

2 tea spoons paprika

salt and pepper to taste


Heat olive oil in a pan and fry onions and garlic together

When onions have taken on some colour and are starting to soften add mince beef.  Don’t be afraid to let the beef sit still in the pan and take on some dark colouring.  This will also leave what appears to be “burn” marks in the bottom of the pan THIS IS A GOOD THING.  These marks will lift from the pan with the addition of liquid and will give additional flavour to your dish.

when beef is dark in colour add tomato puree and spices and mix thoroughly

now add peppers, tinned tomatoes and passata (if you can’t find passata you can use an extra tin of tomatoes but try and get the ones with herbs or garlic mixed in for additional flavour.

add kidney beans, cover with a lid and cook until peppers have softened.

Please feel free to add comments especially if you have any additional tips or recommendations on how to improve this recipe.

Tonight’s tester is a slimming world lemon chicken bake.  Please check back later this week for a similar write up.

“the best chilli recipe”

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