Range Virgin

So today has been a real triumph not only did the newest edition to the Dunn Clan sleep for a solid 6.5 hours and not vomit a full bottle all over her crib at 2am but I also managed to get the kids to school on time whilst wearing make up, subsequently not looking like death and scaring all the other kids!  To top it all off I discovered the wonder that is The Range.

As a person who has always been passionate about up cycling and crafting etc, but has never actually had the opportunity to complete much herself, I felt slightly out of my depth trying to start off my crafting kit.  I started in the most obvious of places.  A place for all bargains to be found.  Ebay, however, following vast searches I soon felt completely overwhelmed with the sheer amount of choice and found myself not actually buying anything.

The Range in Torquay has a craft section significant enough to cater to most requirements without being over the top on choice.  Whilst the fabric and wool sections leave much to be desired there is a great deal to be had in the paper craft section for card making and scrap booking etc.

I’ve started my craft collection with the all important glue gun, swiftly followed by my first ball of wool and selection of crochet needles.  Don’t be a stranger to the blog I’ll be posting a review on the glue gun once I’ve used it for the first time.  First project to complete pin jars with pin cushion lid……….Further posts to be had regarding this including tutorial and pictures so watch this space!

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